Students Combat The Financial Pinch With These Gadgets

PhonesStudents in India enjoy higher education at a lower cost than many other countries, but at Rs350,000 per year including housing, this is a substantial amount especially for a struggling student. For a student who wishes to make the most of their college years, saving on certain expenses will create a bit of financial freedom, especially if their income is supplement with a part-time job. Students also enjoy gadgets, and with the right tech they can cut right down on their expenses to enjoy their student years to the full.

Students Who Pay Their Own Electric Bill

While dorms might have their utilities included in the monthly rental statement, students who are forced to rent off-campus may find that their electricity bill is charged separately, or that they have to purchase units on a pay-as-you-go basis. Certain items run up the bill fairly quickly such as heating or cooling appliances and electronics such as laptops, desktops, and chargers. Tech that helps out in this regard is an efficient power supply. This item not only ensures that your devices are protected from electrical surges, but also allow your devices to run on the minimal amount of electricity required. A smart power strip is another great option that stops power usage when a device is powered off or is unplugged.

The Never-Ending Uses Of A Smartphone

Quite possibly the smartest and most innovative piece of tech of our time is the smartphone. The higher the spec, the more it does. When it comes to saving money, this handy little gadget has the power of a number of different appliances that we would have had to buy, all rolled into one. While we know the camera, flashlight, and music player options are a given, some of the other things smartphones are handy for include file sharing, VOIP calls, book readers, and more. It also allows students to download apps that will help them save money and cut costs. A smartphone also happens to include tech that can help students with their courses, such as creating a WiFi hotspot when access to the internet is not readily available. The total value of the endless stream of possibilities with a smartphone is virtually incalculable, but purchasing all these items separately will run up a substantial tab.

The Electric Scooter

For a student, transport is a necessity but not every student can afford a car. An electric scooter, on the other hand, allows students to zip around without much effort and with little cost. Not only does the student save a chunk of money at the time of purchase in comparison to a car, but also on fuel costs as it merely requires a charging point. Many of these come with a battery pack that is detachable and can be charged at a desktop station.

Thanks to tech, there are a number of ways students can enjoy their studies and save at the same time. Not only are these items low in cost, but they often pay for themselves over a period of time.


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