Essential gadgets that every student should have

Electronics GadgetsThere is nothing like the start of a new semester signaling new opportunities and experiences ahead. As a student looking to improve your grades, you can try some of the emerging tech that can aid in your studies. A survey conducted in India revealed that 72% of students owned smartphones while over 50% accessed the internet through home PCs and laptops. This shows that students in India are increasingly adopting the use of gadgets. There are a growing number of gadgets geared towards the education sector and this is a clear indicator of how smart tech is influencing our daily lives. This article will cover some of the gadgets that may come in handy during the school period.

Note taking and Reading Tech

There are two camps when it comes to note taking: those who prefer to write them down and those who like to type. Evernote has a smart notebook that enables you to do both concurrently. You can write your notes on their smart notebook and then scan them with the Evernote app. This process ensures that you have a digital copy of your notes. Another popular gadget is the Kindle Paperwhite. This gadget helps you to avoid carrying tonnes of books around school by storing all the books you need in one device. Another highlight is that the digital editions available and the renting feature can save you a few rupees.

Storage and Backup

Probably the only thing worse than doing assignments is losing them to a gadget breakdown. Situations such as this necessitates the need to back up your work. A good option is the Toshiba Canvio Basics which has 500GB, 1TB and 2TB (lower storage is recommended if you don’t have a lot of media and also to save on costs) as well having the portability and enough storage space depending on the price. If you have more cash to spare a good pricier option would be an SSD. The Transcend ESD400 model is recommended due to its fast data transfer speeds, portability and reliability.

Research Tech

Laptops have greatly influenced the way information is passed on to learners whether in classrooms or during private study. Many students rely on their laptops to conduct research, organise their group work and carry out assignments. A laptop that is suitable for students and available at a great price is the chromebook. This type of laptop is fast and responsive especially when handling typical student work. The ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 is recommended due to its water resistant design and rugged nature. Another interesting laptop is the Lenovo’s 300e 2-in-1. It includes stylus support and even the ability to work with other pencils thus making it suitable for classwork. You can go for other pricier options, but it is important to keep track of your personal finance in order to avoid accumulating debt.

While a normal pen and paper would do,  emerging gadgets can help students in boosting their grades. You should also keep a lookout for cool and affordable gadgets that can help you in school. It should also be noted that some gadgets such as headphones,speakers and laptops can be distracting when studying and therefore should be used when necessary.


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