We are going to be the most preferred choice for designers and quality experts


Dr. R A Gotur, Director, Indian Operations, HONGFA Group

How has the journey been from last year till now?

In the last year 2019 the overall business was good and HONGFA exceeds the Target by 16%.  But this year due to COVID-19 outbreak, lockdown our business was badly affected and we are facing Supply Chain Management issues.

How do you manage in this cut throat Competition?

As you know HONGFA carries a wide spectrum of relay products, so the designer has a great choice to select the most optimum component. We support the customers in their every step of activities like product development, Samples, Protocol, manufacturing and after sales. HONGFA understands the market requirements early and will be ready with the new products as the market demands which gives us an edge over our competitors.

We sincerely taking care of customers demand in crisis management for cost effective prices, on time shipments.

What are the new technologies that have been lined for the brand this year?

New design technology advancements along with material advancements have allowed HONGFA to develop size reduced products at higher performance. The introduction of Micro ISO and Micro High Current plug-in/PCB relay products allow customers to decrease system size by using these products in higher current applications traditionally being controlled by larger Mini size package relays.

Automotive technology and integrated systems continue to develop rapidly with electric and electronic systems in today’s vehicles playing an increasingly important role for traffic safety and traveling comfort.

In these days of concern for the environment, both Electromechanical relays have a key part to play in effective energy management, ensuring that systems or sub-systems are fully powered down and use no energy when they are not in use. The power efficiency of a system can be notably influenced by the way in which power is switched and applied.

We also may witness more energy efficient relays in coming years which are more environmental friendly.

What are the opportunities and challenges witnessed in the wake of Covid-19 for a manufacturer like you?

We are seeing the opportunities and challenges as follows:

  • HONGFA manufacturing facility is in China hence there is no supply issues.
  • In India we are suffering COVID – 19 Pandemic because of this slowdown in production & manufacturing companies are working with limited manpower 30 to 40% depends on the containment Zones (Red, Orange & Green Zones).
  • Also India & China are facing the Bilateral issues ( Banned several Apps, delay in customs clearance of the shipments, Cancellation of orders & other SCM & logistics issues )
  • HONGFA will have lot of challenges for business growth for coming years due to Govt of India norms viz, Make in India, Made in India & Imposing imports restrictions.

Going forward, what sort of cutting-edge technologies are expected to drive components and the relay market?

The following are the current trends in relay market.

  • Power & Consumer Electronics Segment
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Smart/Intelligent meter
  • Telecom/Signal segments

The key technology in relays in reducing the size of the relays ( Miniature relays – Small size ) and also in SMT relays ( Surface Mount Technology ).These changes are prominent in future days. Relays which have low contact resistance and low voltage drop across contacts and this enhances long time reliability and also the life. Also the permanent magnet relays & contactors are becoming popular due to their lower power consumptions

What would you like to emphasize on ‘Good Quality and Good Brand’?

For HONGFA good quality and good brand are both related to the customer acceptance of our products and the trust they place in HONGFA.

While there are several methods to measure and quantify quality, the ultimate proof for us comes from customers coming back with repeat orders.

In the same way, when new and old customers show a distinct preference to our products over competition, it is an endorsement of the faith they have in HONGFA products. This trust built over years of using our products is our true brand value.

Overall, what would be the growth scenario for the coming days?

We are growing at a steady pace. HONGFA becoming more and more popular due its product quality and reliability, we are sure that we are going to be the most preferred choice for designers and quality experts. Moreover we have a clear road map of new product developments for the coming years to cater to the emerging markets and segments with which we are sure that we will achieve a great level in the coming years.



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