TouchGFX 4.12: From 9 FPS to 60 FPS with Cacheable Containers and More

Our free graphical user interface, TouchGFX, is now getting an important update to its engine and designer tool. TouchGFX 4.12 brings to the public, among other things, cacheable containerspartial framebuffers, and our L8 graphical compression format, all of which will improve performances on more STM32 microcontrollers. As embedded systems continue to penetrate mainstream markets, the presence of a display and ipso facto a graphical user interface can drastically improve consumers’ experience. It explains why reports show that more and more embedded systems engineers now work on GUIs and why the industry tries to fit them on MCUs with tighter computational throughput. TouchGFX Designer is our Desktop tool that facilitates the development of GUIs for MCUs by helping developers take advantage of the TouchGFX Engine faster, reducing the need to write C++ code. Click Link-

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