Toshiba and SanDisk partnering to produce high-power ‘3D’ memory

Toshiba and SanDisk are looking to the future of memory storage, and have revealed that they are joining forces to produce a 3D memory card.

It’s a deal worth $4.84 billion, or 500 billion yen, and production is set to begin in 2016 after Toshiba’s plant in Japan is demolished to make space for a new one. According to The Economic Times, the plant being built for the memory cards will include technology from both parties.

Japan Today says that the amount of space they are planning to put on the memory card, one terabyte, is about 16 times the amount that is available on Toshiba’s 64 gigabyte smart phones and tablets. 64 gigabytes is currently the largest amount of memory Toshiba offers on its mobile devices.

In order to give users more storage, the plan is to stack many layers of semiconductors together which would in turn provide users with roughly one terabyte of memory, according to MSN Philippines News.

The announcement comes at a time when more technology companies than ever are trying capitalize on the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic mobile devices.

Another aspect calling for the memory increase is the constant use of high quality video, and rumored 4K screens on the verge of being introduced into the market.


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