The New Swiss Army Knives of Dual Operational Amplifiers

The TSB712 and TSB7192 are our newest dual operational amplifiers (op-amps) that distinguish themselves thanks to a wide range of supply voltages (from 2.7 V to 36 V), as well as high speeds and a low input offset voltage, making them a choice component for current sensing applications in industrial settings, among others. The TSB712 has a rate of 6 MHz while the TSB7192 jumps to 22 MHz for designs that require a lot more bandwidth. Additionally, each model has a more precise alternative. The TSB712 and TSB7192 both have an input offset voltage of 800 µV while those that require even tighter performance can use the TSB712A and TSB7192A, which both have an offset voltage of only 300 µV. We are thus enabling engineers to choose the part that best fits their needs instead of forcing them to settle on a model with an inadequate feature set.

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