The Cutting Edge for Mobile

What are the salient, the most advanced and most inspired features rolling out in smart devices and mobiles? What are the products and electronics brands that are ahead of the curve? These are fun questions, since they also shed light on the historical moment in which we live.


Hot Brands

If you want the cutting edge, the most advanced, the most futuristic personal tech available, there’s one option that has been beyond doubt. Apple.


Although we all probably feel the difference in Apple’s post-Jobs vibe and business strategy (perhaps most notably the company’s drive into phablets against Jobs’s strong opinion against them) this brand still has rights to top dog.

Retina Display is a uniquely Apple invention. Otherwise, superlative design polish and durability, along with Apple’s incredible touch response (measurably better than Android, Windows or Kindle’s Fire OS) are all fundamentals firmly held by Apple.

Google Nexus

Yet, if Android is your bag, and you’re happy to watch as it continues to meet expectations as a non-Apple (and less expensive) option, then what is the pinnacle of its performance? Look to Google Nexus.

One invaluable feature that is delivered by Nexus and no other Android brand is Google’s enticement of providing all the devices with the latest version of the OS at any given time. This is a great soft advantage over other makers that may update models only once to a newer Android release, or not at all.

The very latest release of Android, Jellybean, has reportedly improved the computing logic behind touchscreen responsiveness, for example, bringing it closer to the tactile immediacy of Apple iOS’s engineering.

Sony Xperia

The other best choice, in many people’s eyes (and hands), is the Sony Xperia line. One feature that sets it apart from even Apple is the new water-proof design. We wonder why this hasn’t been introduced in a wide range of ‘mobile’ devices, since they are by definition vulnerable to the outside weather.

Sony also has come up with a very compelling branded Android home screen, for instance, that features interactive corners that act as your personal tool trays. Design and materials used by Sony may indeed be the closest to Apple’s benchmark.


Historic Innovations

We would be remiss not to congratulate Windows 8 RT featured on the Microsoft Surface tablet or Nokia flagships, despite its main-stream appeal. The fact is, Windows has dealt a massive blow to Apple (it’s still sinking in) by moving aggressively to full touchscreen capabilities for desktop and mobile. The fact that one operating system, Windows 8, does both is a huge boon.

On the other hand, in the land of beta and prototypes, we can laud Google Glass. Test-wearers of this eyewear/smart phone/camera invention may seem a bit silly or comic at the moment, but we predict a massive embrace from consumers as soon as this gadget goes on the market.

Wearable technology is coming, exemplified by Glass, and everybody should get ready!


The Acid Test

We think that, strange as it sounds, mobile gaming is the ultimate testing ground for mobile device performance and ergonomics. Youngsters may congregate in Facebook to play casual games, however adults worldwide are also playing their hearts out in mobile casinos.

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