The Consumer durable industry has been on a high-growth trajectory throughout the year

Truvison, a Europe based consumer electronics & appliances company, entered Indian Markets in the Year 2016. The genesis of Truvison & its technology innovation roots are derived from UK. With consumer satisfaction as the key differentiator, Truvison is working insistently to create new products and experiences for the Indian Consumers.

The brand has already sold over 5 million products reaching 25 million customers across the globe keeping in mind the highest quality standard of products and after-sales services are delivered. Its product portfolio offers a comprehensive range of Consumer Durables with LED TVs, Home Audio & Home appliances available at all the major electronic stores and retailers across the country. Mr. Saurabh Kabra, Director – Business Operations India, Truvison spoke to EM more about the company and its products.

  1. Mr. Saurabh KabraPlease tell us more about your company, and highlight the technology advancement in your products?

Truvison is a European based company that deals into consumer electronics, our motto is to upgrade the Indian consumers with International quality of the products at the most affordable price points. At Truvison, we aim to change the face of consumer electronics and focus to instill trust in our consumers, by delivering innovative and reliable products. Till date, we have brought several technologies to India which includes Cornea, Turbotek, Powerskrub, etc. exclusive to the needs of the Indian consumers. Setting a benchmark, we have successfully expanded our segments from TVs to Air Conditions to Speakers and advancing our technology to achieve more.

  1. What are the advantages of your products vis-a-vis the competition?

The Indian audience is really dynamic and so are their needs, evolving forever. Keeping in touch with the upcoming trends Truvison has focussed on building the latest in Technology at most pocket-friendly prices which makes us preferred than our competitors. We believe the concoction of our truly disruptive products, philosophy of best specs, highest quality and honest pricing mixed with the innovative business model will help us propel a change in the Smart TV industry in India.

  1. Tell us about your research and innovation work?

Truvison has established strategic business strategies to stay ahead of the competition in the TV market. With innovation at its core, Truvison has left no stone unturned focusing on growing consumer needs in terms of technology. With rapid changes and upgrade in technological innovation, Truvison has been building product categories focusing on newer technologies IoT (Internet Of Things), AI etc.Truvison’s continuing work and driving aim will be to build a single robust, flexible and expandable platform to integrate and optimally utilize the technology. Within our R&D environment, and with Truvison Research playing a key contributing role, Truvison will connect its technologies together to enable interoperability and simplicity for users, all powered by the latest and cutting-edge technologies.

  1. What is your market growth in India and global presence?

Designed to cater to the growing demand for innovative smart TV offerings within the country, Truvison as a brand is customised for the Indian market. With the intersection of high-quality content, smart technology, and powerful hardware to provide the most fulfilling and enriching entertainment experience to its users, Truvison’s portfolio brings everything under one roof. The brand’s strategy is to penetrate the unexplored regions in India, especially the Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions where consumers though demands for a top-notch quality product paired with value-added benefits at most prudent prices. As part of the strategy, the company plans to introduce more categories under its mass premium brand which will help it to expand in tier II & III cities. Recently, the brand has also associated with the well-renowned and trusted online stores, to maximize the outreach for the audience. Globally Truvison is available in over 3000 Towns and Cities in India.

  1. What is your outlook on Electronics consumer products?

All geared up and conquering the 5th largest position in the consumer durables market. Demand in urban markets is expected to increase for products such as LED TVs, laptops, split ACs and, beauty and wellness products. Electronic items that were formerly considered as luxury goods for along period of time have become basic necessities of sorts today. India’s consumer market is riding the crest of the country’s economic growth. The consumer durables companies too have started concentrating on customers’ needs and have come up with several tailor build solutions – to bring Best Technology at best prices matching the diversified needs. With Technology advancing, like never seen before, it seems the best is yet to come. The Consumer durable industry has been on a high-growth trajectory throughout the year aided by the government support and emergence of innovative technological solutions.

  1. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

Lifestyle and spending patterns of the Indian masses on entertainment is changing rapidly with innovation of latest technology. Every consumer wants the latest product in their expected price limit, which becomes difficult to cope-up with. Nobody wants the basic TV programme in their living room, they want to watch their favourite programmes via Smart HD TVs but with all compromise on the price.

  1. Let us know more about you’re Made in India products?

Currently, our washing machines are being Made in India for which we are focussing on bringing superior Technology to India which includes Powerskrub Technology for deep cleaning in washing machines, Truvison aspires to revolutionize the lifestyle of consumers, by bringing comfort and convenience to millions of homes in India.

  1. What is your opinion about India electronics consumer market opportunity? And what is your India focus and mission?

The electronics consumer market opportunity at large is only on the growth graph as there is new India opening up to experience and experiment with new brands which suits their pocket and give them the technology they desire.

Our focus and mission are to be present in each and every brick and mortar store in TIER-II and TIER-III markets and provide technology at affordable cost to our countrymen.

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