Technology solutions that will shape the transport management system for future smart cities

The Indian government’s ambitious plan to develop over 100 smart cities has put technology at the forefront of necessary infrastructural changes. Smooth operations in smart cities can only be achieved when information from different sources are combined and shared in real-time with various stakeholders, including transport.

Transportation has a major role in the development of a smart city. Integrated with Information and Communication Technology and ensuring easy commute options, an intelligent transport management system is smooth, quick and without hassles. It is also very safe and reliable, improving the quality of living of the residents.

Following are some of the technology solutions required to aid the transport management necessary for a smart city:

  • CCTV cameras: Usually used for monitoring purposes, a closed-circuit television camera produces images or recordings for management and surveillance purposes.

Brands like CP Plus and Hikvision are offering a wide array of the security solutions. Its products are best known for their robust performance and long service life.

  • Video walls: With traffic ever increasing, the only way to avoid total congestion every day is good data gathering, monitoring, and planning. This is where a video wall becomes the most important element of the management eco-system. The setup was not very successful earlier as multiple televisions or monitors put closely together to enable a singular large display surface had large frame (or bezel) around each television display surface. This completely tore down the effect of a single canvas and ruined the visual performance.

Global technology major Barco’s rear-projection video wall modules, high-quality displays, controllers and video wall management software visually present real-time signals coming from highway sensors, vehicle GPS systems and other intelligent transportation systems to the operators allowing flexible distribution of unlimited video and data feed across multiple sources. Specific measures to prevent burn-in effects are applied to allow the video walls to play for many years, , in optimal conditions, many times, continuously in a 24/7 mode.

  • Traffic detection sensors: This will help in controlling traffic congestion and also observe traffic violations based on vehicular event pattern. Brands like TE Connectivity and Keyence India provide sensors and connectivity essential for applications that enable collection of data and ensuing analysis and better management in the transport segment.

Incorporating these technology solutions to a smart city will ensure that the transport sector of Indian smart cities functions smoothly, powering the cities to a bright future. In order to fruitfully integrate these elements, a monitoring module or data management software is necessary. Integrated monitoring systems are important for centralized command and control, allowing real-time monitoring of all aspects related to transport with a minimum number of human operators required.

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