STMicroelectronics launches STM32G4 Microcontrollers

Ideal for applications requiring MCU with advanced and rich analog peripherals

In a media briefing, Vinay Thapliyal, Technical Marketing Manager, MCU, INDIA, unveiled the newest STM32G4 microcontrollers and shared ST’s commitment of raising performance, efficiency, and security of next-generation digital power applications with STM32G4.

Targeted at digital power applications and industrial appliances, the microcontrollers introduce two hardware mathematical accelerators to boost processing of applications using Cordic and Filtering functions among a range of features to support increased performance and energy efficiency.
The STM32G4 microcontroller series is the first ever to include five analog-to-digital converters, seven digital-to-analog converters, six operational amplifiers, and seven comparators, while also integrating a USB-C Power Delivery controller, a 184 picoseconds high-resolution timer, CAN interfaces with flexible data rate, and math units accelerating certain trigonometric functions.
Dedicated to speeding calculations such as trigonometry for energy-saving motor controls in appliances or air conditioners and filtering for signal conditioning or digital power control, the accelerators compute results faster and more efficiently than the general-purpose main processor. This offloading also frees the core to receive more sensor data and control additional user functions.
The STM32G4 series combines powerful Arm® Cortex®-M4 plus FPU and DSP capability with rich and advanced analog peripherals. It introduces two new mathematical accelerators (Cordic and Filtering), CAN-FD (Flexible Datarate), USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 and advanced security and safety features. Its new high-resolution timer V2.0 continues the Digital Power success story.
• Performance
 Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU
 Up to 170 MHz CPU frequency
 Up to 213 DMIPS and 550 CoreMark® results
• Rich and advanced analog peripherals
• Safety and security focus
• Complete portfolio
 32- to 128-pin packages
 32 to 512 Kbytes of Flash memory
 Full set of development and evaluation boards
 Code examples and software tools
• Reduced PCB size and BOM cost
• Mixed-signal SoC for a wide variety of applications
• Designed for motor control applications
• Home appliances and E-bikes
• Air conditioning
• Industrial equipment
• Rechargeable devices, drones and toys
• Servers, telecom equipment, and EV charging stations
• Instrumentation and measurement equipment
Ecosystem Extension
To assist development, ST has already extended the STM32 development ecosystem with affordable Nucleo boards (NUCLEO-G474RE and NUCLEO-G431RB) and full-featured evaluation boards (STM32G474E-EVAL and STM32G484E-EVAL with crypto) for STM32G4 MCUs and the STM32CubeG4 software pack. There are also a dedicated Motor Control Nucleo pack (P-NUCLEO-IHM03) and software development kits (X-CUBE-MCSDK v5.4), and the online motor-control tool, ST-MC-SUITE, that helps users browse the ecosystem to find and organize the resources they need for their projects.
P-NUCLEO-IHM03 STM32 Motor-Control Pack
P-NUCLEO-IHM03-STM32-Motor-Control-PackSTMicroelectronics P-NUCLEO-IHM03 STM32 Motor-Control Pack is a kit composed of the XNUCLEO-IHM16M1 board, the NUCLEO-G431RB board, a brushless Gimbal motor (GBM2804H-100T), and a DC power supply. This platform provides a motor-control solution for three-phase, low-voltage and low-current DC brushless or PMSM motors. The P-NUCLEO-IHM03 is based on the STSPIN830 driver and on the STM32G431RB MCU.
The X-NUCLEO-IHM16M1 board is fully configurable and ready to support different closed-loop control, FOC or 6-steps, based on sensorless or sensor mode. It is compatible with three shunts or single shunt for current-sense measurement.
The NUCLEO-G431RB board provides an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new concepts and build prototypes with STM32G4 microcontroller. It does not require any separate probe as it integrates the STLINK-V3E debugger and programmer.
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