ST Industrial Summit: Intelligent Robots and the Smarter Homes of Tomorrow

ST held its inaugural Industrial Summit ,a premier event on May 29, in Shenzhen, China. This specially curated technology showcase brought together key industry leaders, medium and small size enterprises, ST partners and industry associations from the wide-ranging industrial markets to explore and push the frontier of smart innovations addressing the segment focus of Motor Control, Power and Energy and Automation. The one-day event demonstrated how our solutions and those of our partners come together to shape the technologies that will drive tomorrow’s innovations.

Industrial markets around the world are stable but highly fragmented, and China is no exception. Companies have the egregious task of sourcing components from a myriad of actors, thus lengthening prototyping phases, increasing costs, and creating uncertainties. The Industrial Summit is here to prove that ST as the global leading semiconductor player is well positioned in all key product areas to drive the industrial end market to greater heights of technological advancements and developments.


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