Siemens announces 1,000th steam turbine completion milestone from Vadodara factory

Siemens Limited announced a key milestone for its steam turbine factory in Vadodara with the roll-out of the 1,000th steam turbine from the factory. The 1,000th turbine is a 29 megawatt (MW) waste heat recovery steam turbine for JK Cement, the second largest manufacturer of white cement in India. Waste heat recovery is an economic method to increase the overall efficiency of the plant and, thus, lower fuel demand.

fgThe Siemens Steam Turbine factory in Vadodara manufactures steam turbines of up to 200 MW for the domestic and overseas markets. The factory, with its world-class facilities, has been operational since 2004 and is an established Center of Competence for steam turbines from 2 to 100 MW used in industrial applications. Spread over an area of 6,500 square meters, the factory manufactures single-stage and multi-stage steam turbines for industrial applications in addition to providing after sales and repair services.

Gerd Deusser, Head – Gas and Power, Siemens Ltd, said, “Siemens has maintained its strong market position in the power generation sector in India with a significant installed generating capacity operating on Siemens turbines. The latest milestone further solidifies Siemens’ standing in the industrial applications space. Siemens has a wide portfolio across the energy value chain to meet customer requirements.”

Siemens is one of the leading suppliers for steam turbines in the world. Over a century, Siemens has manufactured some of the most technologically advanced steam turbines in the industry. Siemens’ steam turbines have set the industry standard with an overall efficiency of more than 48 percent and maximum reliability. They also comply with the most stringent environmental standards. The company offers a full spectrum of 50 Hz and 60 Hz steam turbines.

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