Siemens and Salesforce partner to deliver the future experience for safe workplaces

·    Collaboration will support businesses’ safe return to work and build smart, connected workplaces for the future

·    Joint solutions, built on technology from Siemens and Salesforce, include a ‘touch less office’ and advanced contact tracing

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) and Siemens announced a strategic partnership to develop a new workplace technology suite that will support businesses  globally to safely reopen and deliver the future experience for physical workplaces. The partnership will combine Salesforce’s, powered by Customer 360, and Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure solutions, including Comfy and Enlighted, to orchestrate the processes, people and things that are essential to creating safe, connected workplaces for the
Key solutions include a ‘touchless office’ with mobile employee boarding passes for building and elevator entry, and a safe occupancy management system, which allows employees to reserve conference roomsand desks through Comfy’s app that sends real-time alerts as thresholds are reached. Additionally, by leveraging occupancy and location data provided by Enlighted and aggregated within Comfy, including employee check-in and desk and room reservations, businesses will be able to augment their manual contact tracing in This will allow for a faster and more accurate emergency response. Contact tracing will be an opt-in solution to respect users’ privacy.
Combining best-in-class IoT technology from Siemens with Salesforce’s solutions will enable customers to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data and create a flexible framework for the future workplace experience. Siemens and Salesforce will be the first to deploy the new solutions in their own offices, including Siemens Smart Infrastructure headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, and Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.
“The safe return of people to the workplace is a global challenge, and it’s vital that companies protect their employees to build trust and confidence,” said Roland Busch, Deputy CEO and member of the managing board of Siemens AG. “Together with Salesforce we can swiftly support businesses around the world to implement technology which supportsemployees as they return to the office, while laying the foundations of long-term digital transformation in workplaces.”
“Organizations worldwide are beginning to reimagine the future  workplace experience, putting their employees’ health and safety at
the center of their digital transformations,” said Alex Dayon, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce. “By combining Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure solutions with Salesforce’s,
we are giving companies the tools to make smart, data-driven decisionsquickly and the confidence to reopen safely.”
Siemens plans to contribute technology from its Smart Infrastructureportfolio, including IoT solutions company Enlighted and workplaceexperience solution Comfy. Data is collected multiple times per second
by cloud-connected smart sensors from Enlighted. Enlighted’s BuildingIoT platform creates ‘sensory systems’ throughout the building,giving real-time insight and analytics into how the building is used,
and providing occupancy and location services for people and assets.Comfy’s Safe Workplace Solution features an employee-facing app whichenables businesses to keep people informed and productive, whileproviding a workspace that is safe and compliant with local regulations.Employees are able to view and reserve desks and meeting rooms thatadhere to distancing guidelines in real time, search for and navigate tohealth and safety amenities and request services such as sanitization.In addition, Comfy Insights offers businesses an analytics dashboard tobetter understand how offices are being used, informing a smarter, data-driven strategy for future workplaces.
Salesforce’s, powered by Customer 360, is an all-new suite ofapplications and advisory resources to help business and communityleaders around the world reopen safely.’s essentialssolutions – including Workplace Command Center, Contact Tracing,Emergency Response Management and Rapid Crisis Response – empowercustomers to make data-driven decisions, build business continuity andrisk management plans, and communicate effectively with stakeholders at scale.
This press release and a press picture is available at [1] For more information on Siemens Smart Infrastructure, see [2]
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