Robotics in the Industrial Production Sector

Robotics-in-packagingMany companies that are in the manufacturing sector are steadily adopting the use of robots in the production processes. According to recent market studies, there has been an increase of around 10% in the global packaging robots market. Manufacturers and producers are slowly realizing the many benefits ofusing robots in packaging and thus the increase in their market.

Robots come in different sizes and with different specifications which enable them to complete different processes such as mounting, packaging, and loading with ease. Universal robots is a certified firm that deals in the sale of different types of robots and offering associated services.

Benefits of Using Robots in Packaging

  • For starters, packaging robots are flexible type of robots and can easily be incorporated into many working environments.
  • Packaging robots have a high performance when lifting heavy packages as opposed to human manpower.
  • Another advantage is that they help speed up the packaging process which results in lesser packaging time. The lesser the time that is taken in packaging the higher the production rate.

Categories of Packaging Robots

There are three major categories of robots in the packaging sector. The categories are; pharmaceutical industry, foods and beverage sector, and those that are used in electronics.

Role of Packaging Robots in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There has been an increased demand for effective drugs and other items that are used in the health sector. Part of the efficacy of these items is highly attributed to by the processes used while producing, packaging, mounting big packages as well as unpacking them. Packaging robots reduce the chances of contamination on sensitive pharmaceutical items such as syringes.Deploying a robot also ensures that these activities are done effectively and quicker than when using an automated packaging system.

Packaging Robots in the Food and Beverage Sector

The food sector has also embraced the use of robotics in a bid to hasten the production and packaging process. The robots used in this sector are easy to operate and come at affordable prices. Most of the robots used in foods and beverages are easy to move around and do not occupy a lot of working space.

These robots have extensively been used for the packaging of meat, drinks, fruits and processed foods. Incorporating them has enabled manufacturers to increase their production rates and to meet the high demand for their supplies; which is good for business growth.

Use of Packaging Robots in Electronics

Many electrical gadgets are very sensitive and mishandling them exposes them to a lot of damage. Introducing packaging robots reduces this risk because unlike humans, robots are inclined to precision and can handle most of these gadgets without interfering with them in any way. Using packaging robots in electronics also helps perform a number of verification checks like barcode reading, counterchecking casing and information on the specifications which would otherwise be very overwhelming for humans. Countries like China that are huge manufacturers of electrical gadgets have been forced to push the boundaries by embracing modern-day packaging robots. It is the only way that can help them increase their supplies and consequently meet the demand for their electronic devices.

Accelerate Your Production Process; Embrace Robots

Robots cannot replace the human manpower, but they enhance their work. Everything is finer with a robot at work. They can take care of verifying very tiny details, something that would be very cumbersome for humans to do with their naked eye. Unlike humans, robots do not get a burnout, this means the production process flows seamlessly without any unwanted delays.

Regardless of the level that your business is at, universal robots can help you realize many benefits from using robots. Deploying a robot to work is choosing to have a production process that is not only quick but also very accurate.  Contact us today to find out what type of a robot your business needs to take your production process to another level.

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