Potential for India to become World Factory is not that far.

We use the propriety Sensing & C convert gathered data into valu machines. By utilizing these techn pioneering technologies, products social needs of the future”, says Mr. Electronics Maker
Mr. Vinod is the Country Manager for OMRON Electronic Components Pte. Ltd. In India Omron came in 2010 and since then, they have grown tremendously. Mr. Vinod explores OMRON India product growth, potential markets and future outlook.
Let us start with OMRON Electronic Components India business overview and product areas.
OMRON Electronic Components Pte Limited started its operation in India in the year 2003 and is headquartered at Bangalore. Currently the Electronic Components business is mainly focused in areas of Home appliances, Industrial, Te l e c o m & A u t o m o t i v e m a r k e t segments. In the coming years, we plan to enhance our client base and increase our geographic presence as well. We already occupy a significant position in Tier-I markets but now we are targeting to extend our presence in Tier-II and smaller cities.
Product areas in the table below:
At the position of key person, what are your important roles and how will you take this role forward?
As the country head for components division, I am responsible in expanding the business across various domains with our products which can bring up the quality levels of customer products. In order to have strong business foundation, it is very important to have strong organization with dedicated workforce. To lead my organization to achieve the vision of “No:1 electronic components supplier in India “ by benefiting the professional as well as personal growth of my team is the most important aspect of my Job.
How do you see India electronics components market growth and opportunities ahead?
India being an emerging country, business potential from across market segments is expected to grow in the coming 3-5 years span. More Electronics Manufacturing service providers are either foraying in the market or strengthening their operations in India. India offers several advantages as skilled human resource with competitive labor cost, high market demand and availability of supporting institutions and Policy and Regulatory support. If India is able to circumvent some basic challenges as infrastructure, timely availability of raw materials and high manufacturing costs then India has the potential to become hub of Electronics components market of the world.
I believe the potential for India to become “World Factory” is not that far, and once such kind of business equations come, the growth will be exponential.
How did you observe OMRON business in
2012 and what do you expect in 2013?

For component business, year 2012 is a challenging year with unfavourable economic and market condition. Growth levels will be in single digits to the best. Some of the key global customers also decreased their production and forecast during the first 3 quarters of FY12. However, starting Q4 of FY12 shows glimpses of hope that such market conditions seemed to have bottomed. Though it is early to comment about specifics of regain of market power, FY13 definitely is positioned for a better business environment than FY12. Many infrastructural projects which were either cancelled or delayed are expected to kick off in FY13.
What are your plans and new introductions if any in the pipeline?
We will use the challenges faced in FY12 for our advantage. These challenging situations provide us the opportunity to re-look in to our product p o s i t i o n i n g, m a r k e t r e a c h a n d b u s i n e s s sustainability under difficult conditions. We will go on expanding market coverage through enhanced d i s t r i b u t i o n n e t w o r k a n d e x p l o r e m o r e opportunities in SME and growing industries.
How will you define OMRON leadership and technology advantage?
At OMRON, we are cognizant of the fact that an effective, productive and performing leadership is at the root of any organizational success. In the era of global village, pre-requisite of a leader may catapult the success trajectory of the organization or lack of it can be consequential. Our core corporate value is working for the benefit of society. We encourage our leadership to combine passionate leadership with principles viz: Challenging ourselves to always do better, Innovation driven by social needs & Respect for humanity
We use the propriety Sensing & Control Technology that allows us to convert gathered data into valuable information for people and machines. By utilizing these technologies, OMRON seeks to provide pioneering technologies, products and services that can meet the social needs of the future.

Tell us about OMRON R&D strength and manufacturing potency.

Research is an important aspect of all organizations whether big or small. To sustain the competitive edge and surpass the benchmarks, it is imperative that organizations undertake research as the part and parcel of its foundation. Globally, OMRON has invested in R&D to develop innovative technologies and solutions to ensure that our processes and operations run smoothly. In 2010, OMRON spent about 5 billion yen (approx USD62mil) on R&D for EMC alone. OMRON also has Global R&D facilities in Japan which continuously work towards designing products of highest quality & reliability and the manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, using the latest production technologies such as MEMS, Nano material technology, high precision pressing, molding & replication technology to bring out world class products
Product Table

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