NFC / RFID tag and reader Antenna design for the best performance in the in the Field

Born as a specialized subset of the 13.56MHz RFID technology in 2002, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology was first introduced for a mobile payment service commercialized in Japan. Now, integration into credit/debit cards and smartphones is driving rapid growth. More than just for payments, NFC is making its way into a broad range of applications thanks to its convenient bi-directional interaction between electronic devices, enabled by a simple “tap.”  Indeed, beyond payment or access control, NFC is becoming popular for device pairing (like BT, Wi-Fi pairing), diagnostic readout, parameter programming, and much more.

NFC is built upon the RFID standard backbone, like ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 RF protocols, supported by NFC / RFID tag, Dynamic tag, and Reader Integrated Circuits (ICs) manufactured by ST.


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