New Yorker WatElectronics Releases New Adam Techerproof Discrete Pogo Pins

IP Rated Spring-Loaded DIP Pins from Adam Tech Interconnects Prevent Moisture from Entering the Pin around Barrel Seams

New Yorker Electronics has recentlyreleased the new Adam Tech Interconnects Discrete WaterproofSpring-Loaded Pins for wet environments. These DIP Pins are designedwith an inner rubber seal and offer an IP rating to prevent moisturefrom entering the pin around the seams of the barrel.
The pogo pins are manufactured with extreme precision and guarantee longlife and high reliability. Currently available in Through-Holeorientation for board mounting, other styles will soon be available.
Additionally, all Adam Tech Interconnects harsh environment connectorshave been designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures to maintain topperformance and longer life cycles. These waterproof connectors are usedin wet areas where water pipes are used or in a rainy climate due totheir double-layered metal body. They are durable with sealed Ethernetand USB with M8, M12 and Coded Configurations.
Adam Tech pogo pins are easily maintained and replaced in order tosimplify the production process. The spring loading presses the probesinto a hole to connect two PCB boards, and can therefore allowelectrical connection to any component with a copper pad.
Adam Tech manufactures world-class connectors and cable assemblies,waterproof solutions, and advanced automotive solutions and all aretested for electric capabilities and pressures. As a franchisedistributor for Adam Tech Interconnects, New Yorker Electronics suppliesits full lines of supply pins, connectors, plugs and assemblies

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