New Yorker Electronics Releases new Vishay Dale High Temperature Thin Film Resistors

High temperature thin film resistors with an operating temperature upto 215 °C, provide high precision, tight TCR, and excellent stability
New Yorker Electronics has just releasedthe new Vishay Dale PATT and PLTT High Temperature Thin Film Resistors.Vishay’s proven precision thin film wraparound resistors are ideal foruse in oil industry precision applications requiring low noise, longterm stability under high temperature, ultra low temperature coefficientof resistance, and low voltage coefficient. They are also used inmilitary, telecommunications and industrial applications.
The high temperature Vishay Dale PLTT has an operating temperature rangefrom -55°C to 215°C. The series has stable film and performancecharacteristics and has a very low noise and voltage coefficient (lessthan -30 dB, 0.1 ppm/V).
The PLTT0603 case size is qualified to AEC-Q200 for automotiveapplications. It has anti corrosion resistant film with special passivation method (SPM) and is UL 94 V-0 flame resistant. The surfacemount resistor has wraparound gold over nickel barrier terminations.
The PATT Precision Automotive High Temperature Thin Film Chip Resistoris also AEC-Q200 Qualified. The terminations consist of an adhesionlayer, a leach resistant nickel barrier and gold plating that iscompatible with high temperature solder systems.
It’s key benefits include its wide operating temperature range up to215°C, its absolute TCR of ± 5 ppm/°C, its 250Ω to 3MΩ resistancerange, a low noise of less than – 35dB and its voltage range of between75V and 200V.
Features & Benefits:

·         Wide operating temperature range of -55 °C to 155 °C at 100 % rated power, derated to 25 % of rated power at 230 °C

·         Absolute TCR of ± 25 ppm/°C

·         Tolerances to ± 0.1 %

·         2.75 Ω to 301 kΩ resistance range

·         Very low noise coefficient of < -30 dB

·         Voltage coefficient of 0.1 ppm/V

·         75V to 100V voltage range


·         High-temperature automotive applications, under the hood applications

·         High-precision oil/gas exploration

·         Military

·         Telecommunications

·         Industrial applications

New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor for Vishay Dale andcarries its complete line of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETsand infrared optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors and capacitors).

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