New Type RA Stacked Polyester Capacitors Supplies High Energy Density for High Ripple Current Applications

New Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) Non-Inductive MultilayerMetalized Polyester Film Capacitor features a Small Size, High dV/dtCapability, Very Low ESR at High_ _Frequency and a Self-Healing Capability

New Yorker Electronics has announced itwill be stocking the new Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) Type RA
Multilayered Polymer Capacitors for 125°C operation. Type RA capacitorsare constructed using stacked metalized polyester protected with animpregnated sealant, which eliminates the need for an external case.
This rugged package style offers the highest energy density technologyavailable for switching power supplies, DC to DC converters and otherhigh ripple current applications.
These non-inductive multilayer metalized polyester through-hole filmcapacitors feature a small size, high dV/dt capability, very low ESR athigh frequency and a self-healing capability. They are ideal for use inhigh frequency switching power supplies, noise suppression, EMI reduction and long-life applications.
The self-healing capacitors are infused with a microcrystalline polymersealant and exterior tape wrap that protects the capacitor element frommoisture, allowing it meet 85°C / 85% RH requirements for demanding military vehicles and aerospace applications.
Available in capacitance values ranging from 0.1µF to 10.0µF, voltageratings of 100, 250, 400 and 500Vdc, Type RA capacitors are terminatedwith radial leads to cover a broad range of applications in powerelectronics where high density capacitors are needed for board-level DC filtering.
Features & Benefits:
• High frequency response is similar to MLCCs, with better performance
• Capacitance is unaffected by applied bias voltage
• Resists damage from pulses
• No Piezoelectric effect
• No cracking
• Greater lifespan
• Wave Solderable
• Efficient size
• Self healing
• EMI/RFI suppression
• Ripple current handling capability
• Pulse generation
• Any circuit requiring low ESR/ESL, high dV/dt, long life
New Yorker Electronics also distributes Cornell Dubilier’s Type RAAngstor Radial PET Film Capacitors for 125⁰C operation. New YorkerElectronics is a franchise distributor for Cornell Dubilier carrying thefull line of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, AC Oil Filled Capacitors,DC Oil Filled Capacitors, Film Capacitors, MICA Capacitors,Ultracapacitors, Surface Mount Capacitors, Aluminum Polymer Capacitors, Super capacitors, plus Capacitor Hardware and Capacitor Kits.
Since its founding in 1909, Cornell Dubilier has been dedicated toadvancing capacitor technology for new applications. The companycombines innovative products with engineering expertise to providereliable solutions for inverters, wind and solar power, electricvehicles, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, medical equipment, telecom and UPS systems.

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