Mycronic Launches a Cost-efficient Mask Writer for the Mature Photomask Market

STOCKHOLMApril 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mycronic AB (publ) launches the new mask writer, Prexision Lite 8, for the low to mid-end display photomask market.

Mycronic offers mask writers for the manufacturing of photomasks within different fields of application. These areas are display manufacturing (for TV, smart phones and tablets among other things) and applications within the multi-purpose market, a broad segment comprising many different application areas.

The Prexision Lite 8 mask writer is built on a new platform and designed to meet the requirements for cost-efficient production of photomasks for main stream displays up to G8 mask size. Despite the clear trend towards more advanced photomasks for displays, the market for less complex photomasks will remain a significant and important segment.

Prexision Lite 8 is a complement to the more advanced Prexision 8, and broadens the range of available mask writer configurations to meet different customer needs. The Prexision Lite 8 is an attractive option for customers with a need to modernize their production in a cost efficient way with limited need for additional high-end capability. The Prexision Lite 8 has improved quality performance and increased writing speed by 35 percent compared to the corresponding product in the discontinued LRS series.

The Prexision Lite 8 is available in Mycronic’s replacement program but is also available without trade-in. The price level for a tool without trade-in is between USD 10-16 million depending on configuration.

“With Prexision Lite 8, we broaden our offering and can now provide a wider range of configurations to support our customers’ different business strategies. The Prexision Lite 8 adds an attractive, modern production solution for market segments with low to mid-end requirements” says Charlott Samuelsson, Sr VP Pattern Generators.

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