MIDI class support for SEGGER USB host stack emUSB-Host

emUSB-Host MIDI: Build devices for creating and playing music

Monheim, Germany – January 9th, 2019

SEGGER-PR60SEGGER introduces support for the MIDI class with emUSB-Host. Supporting the MIDI-class enables the USB host stack to interact with music devices such as MIDI controllers, sequencers, drum machines, samplers, effect units, synthesizers or instruments.


The MIDI class is capable of supporting devices with multiple MIDI ports. It can send and receive MIDI commands. The MIDI class support also detects insertion and removal of MIDI devices.

SEGGER has created a number of examples for demonstrating the MIDI class. These include a sample of a MIDI player, that plays a standard MIDI file through a connected MIDI synthesizer and displays, in real time, piano notes and accompanying lyrics. Another example combines the existing HID and new MIDI classes of emUSB-Host in order to convert the standard PC keyboard into a MIDI controller which is capable of controlling a synthesizer or other sound generating devices.

Get more information on the new emUSB-Host MIDI class support at: www.segger.com/emusbhmidi

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