Microchip Technology Introduces Its First Trust&GO Wi-Fi® 32-bit MCU Module with Advanced Peripheral Options

Pre-provisioned for market-leading cloud platforms, the all-in-one WFI32E01PC Trust&GO solution delivers powerful MCU functionality and verifiable identity

New Delhi, October 13, 2020 –Asthe Internet of Things (IoT) expands beyond home automation and drives deeper into home control – including Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), garage doors and fans –and grows in building and industrial automation, the need forhighly integrated, reliableand securedIndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity is greater than ever. Microchip Technology (Nasdaq: MCHP) today announced the first-ever Wi-Fi microcontroller (MCU) module withMicrochip’s Trust&GO-enabled unique, verifiable identity.

For developers designing secure IIoT systems, Microchip’s highly integratedWFI32E01PCis a Trust&GOsecured platform-enabled Wi-Fi MCU modulethat is pre-provisionedfor cloud platforms.The WFI32E01PCis compliant to Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) specification and fully certified with the following world regulatory agencies:Federal Communications Commission (FCC),Industry Canada (IC) and European Radio Equipment Directive (RED).Microchip’sTrust&GO platform inside the WFI32E01PC streamlines the process of network authentication using secure element technology, which is preconfigured and pre-provisioned for cloud authentication.

Unlike existing devices, Microchip’s new technologyincludesa premium PIC32 MCU core, rich peripherals and a proven hardware security platform – enabling it not only to provide Wi-Fi but alsoto serve as a powerful MCU core for the entire IIoT system.

“With increasing attacks, traditional software data encryption is no longer sufficientto protect transmitted data. Devices need a hardcoded, verifiable, trustable identity to securely connect to the cloud,”said Steve Caldwell, vice president of Microchip’s wireless solutions business unit. “This is the first secure, pre-provisioned MCU with Wi-Fi that is shippedfactory direct or through distribution.”

Unlike module-based designs, discrete designs can be difficult due to the need to develop drivers and circuits for multiple chips, especially when the chips are from different vendors. Oftenit is difficult to receive system-level supportfrom vendors as their expertise is only in products they produce.Embedded designers need a highlyintegrated module solution providingindustrial-grade MCU functionality,robust Wi-Fi connection and hardware security and authentication.The WFI32E01PCprovidesthese capabilities and more in an all-in-one module, improving Radio Frequency (RF) powerand providing a higher level of security.

In addition to industrial applications, the WFI32E01PC is designed for home automation devices, computing and consumer devices.

As a total system solution provider, Microchip offers a broad portfoliothat simplifies IoT and IIoT systems when pairingthe WFI32E01PC module with other Microchip market-leading components,such as the KSZ8081family of Ethernet PHYs, MCP2542WFD family of CAN transceivers, sensors and radio technologies including Bluetooth®Low Energy (BLE), Long Range (LoRa®)and IEEE®802.15.4. Microchip’s system solution approach provides ready-to-use software drivers and hardware reference designs, significantly reducing project risk and time-to-market.

Development Tools

Microchip’sWFI32E01PCis supported bythePIC32MZW1 CuriosityBoard. Microchipoffers several options for software and hardware support. Software support includes Microchip’s MPLAB®X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and MPLAB Harmony v3 embedded software development framework. Supporting tools include the on-board debugger and in-circuit serial programming header for MPLABSnap, MPLAB PICkit™ 4 or MPLAB ICD 4external programmer/debuggers.

The curiosity board is qualified with AWS IoT Core and listed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Device Catalog. It contains an out-of-box demo featuring registration and communication with AWS IoT Core and interaction with the onboard sensors using Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Included with the AWS IoT Core qualification are code samples, WLAN software and network stack, which can be found in MPLAB Harmony v3.

Pricing and Availability

The WFI32E01PC-I (54-pin SMD 24.5 x 20.5 x 2.5 mm) device is available in volume production in 10,000-unit quantities starting at$8.14.Also available are module options with external antenna, and without the Trust&GO security feature.  For additional information, contact a Microchip sales representative, authorized worldwide distributor or visit Microchip’s website. To purchase products mentioned here visit ourpurchasing portalor contact a Microchip authorized distributor.

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