32 Channel Network Video Recorder

Matrix Extreme Series NVRs are high performing, power packed workhorses engineered for seamless video surveillance deployments. In addition to high resolution recording & live view of multiple streams, they offer innovative Cascading which can connect 21 NVRs & 500+ cameras without server or static IP address. It boasts powerful investigator with instant notifications via SMS, email, email with snapshot, etc. All in all, these flexible & reliable NVRs are ideal for modern organizations looking for proficient, persistent & preventive security!


Ultra-High-Resolution Decoding – 4K decoding capability

High resolution images with greater details

High Efficiency Video Coding – H.265 Compression Technology

Save Up to 50% of Storage Space

Phenomenal Throughput – 512 Mbps Throughput

Higher up-link & down-link speed

Enhanced Storage & RAID Support – On-board storage of up to 80 TB

Maximum of 8 SATA slots, supports RAID 0,1,5,10

Versatility – Adaptive Recording Optimizes 40% of Storage & Bandwidth

Record More Frames during Motion, Less during No Motion

Ease of Management – Auto Configuration of Cameras

Automatically add cameras within defined IP Range

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