KYZEN Launches Global Tech 2 Tech Sessions High-tech, high-value cleaning answers made easy

KYZEN, the global leader in environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, introducesall new

Tech 2 Tech cleaning sessions. These innovative, high-tech, high-value sessions are the exclusive, no-nonsense way to get answers to your cleaning questions in minutes.Casual, informative sessions are facilitated by leading cleaning experts and are being offered around the world.

Have technical questions but little time for research? Try a Tech 2 Techsession. Sessions last just 15 minutes start to finish. They intentionally start EXACTLY 3 minutes past the quarter hour, giving you the time you deserve to grab your favorite beverage before logging on. Tech 2 Tech sessions are designed and facilitated by the world’s leading cleaning experts, with access to thousands of cleaning researchpapers and case studies and, of course, more experts. They are practically all at your fingertips when you register.

While you can ask unique questions during each session, Question and Answer also sheets will be made available along with a session recording after each event to registered attendees. Plus, KYZEN has made it easy to reach back for more detailed technical help after sessions as well.

“Our hope for the Tech 2 Tech is to help efficiently enrich the knowledge of technicians and engineers in the industry, as well as our own knowledge base. These focused discussions will bring up important questions that help us all advance. Thus, the name, Tech 2 Tech. Short, informative, new,” stated Erik Miller, KYZEN Executive Vice President.

The premier Tech 2 Tech session in North America takes off on July 21, 2020 at 10:18 AM CentralTime (UTC -5)followed by a second live session on July 22, 2020 at 9:33 AM(UTC +8). The topic is Qualification versus Production. Both sessions will be facilitated by KYZEN’s Executive Vice President Tom Forsythe. To view the full schedule of upcoming topics, visit

For more information about KYZEN or to get technical help from a KYZEN cleaning expert about your specific technical cleaning problem ASAP, visit

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