IoT, EV, Autonomous Vehicles will dominate in 2020

bnmLittelfuse offers the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products, with growing platforms in power control and sensing. With more than 50 sales, manufacturing, and engineering facilities worldwide and a global network of distribution channels, Littelfuse is the preferred brand of leading manufacturers everywhere. In an interview Mr. Gursharan Singh Bhatia, Country Head, India & SAARC Nations & S. Africa, Littelfuse spoke about market growth, new applications and future plans.

  1. Please outlook your overall market growth in 2019 and expectations for 2020?

Due to global economic situation and low demand in India, specially the automotive segment, overall market is affected. However, we are looking at 2020 with high optimism. With market already showing some signs of recovery, we are confident of achieving continued growth in Automotive segment. Also, government driven policies in EV, LED and Solar are only going to make things better for the business.

  1. How sensors work in Automotive and what are your sensor solutions for Automotive?

We have lot to offer in the Automotive sensor segment. Starting with position, rotation and speed sensors that can be utilized in the vehicle’s chassis systems including active suspension and braking. We do have full line of Comfort and Convenience products, including Ambient and Solar sensors plus Position, Speed and Direction Sensors, supporting the passenger assist features of Heating, Cooling and power assisted tailgate and side door open/close systems. Littelfuse offers level sensing (PWG® and Hall technology) for use with both DEF/UREA Fluid as well as PTC heaters for Blow-by Gas heating.  Also Littelfuse Seat Belt Safety sensors are key component in the driver/passenger active and passive restraint systems as well as occupant presence sensing systems using Reed, Hall Effect and Mechanical sensing. Lastly, Littelfuse Powertrain sensors cover the entire range of vehicle needs providing position, level, rotation and speed data from such components as the engine Camshaft, transmission & Fluid Levels

  1. How does Littelfuse products help in semiconductor protection?

We do have devices to protect against surge, over-current and over temperature. Having customized devices for different applications helps our customers for easy integration of these devices into their sub-systems.

  1. Tell us about your LED protection products and how it compares with other circuit protection?

Although the basic protection technologies remain the same, but LED lighting require a different approach considering the harsh operating conditions they are required to work and much longer lifetime expectancies. Littelfuse has developed an in depth understanding of this application and major challenges have been identified and protection schemes developed for it which have been developed by several customer successfully in the field.

  1. What is your outlook on EV industry growth overall and what are the key challenges you find?

EV is rapidly catching up. With many home-grown and Global players showing interest in this market, it certainly is one of the future growth segments for Littelfuse. Biggest challenge here is absence of EV Infrastructure. However, with sustain focus of the government, it would surely improve.

  1. What are your solutions for EV charging?

Littelfuse provides all round solutions for EV charging infrastructure with our protect, control & sense portfolios. We have special fuses & robust SPD developed to protect the charging stations to provide longer lifetime, variety of power semiconductors to deliver power efficiently & reliably and host of sensors to protect against over currents, over temperatures & ground fault problems.

  1. What are the new applications you are looking at 2020?

New applications are emerging frequently with global focus on safer, greener & connected world. We see develop activities will increase into area’s like energy storage & security sensors which are also connected.

  1. According to you, what new trends and technologies that will dominate in 2020?

IoT, EV, Autonomous Vehicles are the ones that we can clearly see. In addition to this, startups are driving lots of new innovations in robotics and healthcare. Looks like these developments would bring in much needed sunshine to local manufacturing as well


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