HPL Electric Brings Next Generation AV ATS- Advance Version Automatic load Transfer Sw

Aims to increase market share and strengthen its presence in the switchgear category with the new range

New Delhi; March 17, 2017: HPL Electric & Power Ltd,an established electric equipment manufacturing company in India, has further strengthened its switchgear range by bringing a new and upgraded  line of its Electrical Operated Switches, AV ATS- Advance Version Automatic load Transfer Switch.The new variant is a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced product which is simple and easy to use and has been designed keeping the safety of the customers in mind. In terms of application, AV ATS is relevant for Healthcare, Internet Data Centers, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Telecom Central Office, Process Manufacturing, Distribution Power / Load Management, HVAC, Telecommunications and BMS.

At nearly 50% share of the entire market for the manual changeover switches, HPL Electric is one of the oldest manufacturers of LV switchgear in India. Over the years, HPL Electric has increased its presence across switchgear products in the industrial and residential segments. The market for LV switchgear is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% during 2016-2020 and is expected to reach 7,609 crore by 2020.

Speaking about the product, Mr. Gautam Seth, Joint Managing Director, HPL Electric & Power Ltd said,“HPL Electric has created a niche for itself in the electrical industry and with the new range of switches, we have entered into the new generation of automatic transfer switches which we believe will help us to expand and further strengthen our presence in the switchgear category. We are known for our technologically advanced and innovative products and taking this forward, AV ATS is designed as per the latest design and manufacturing needs, meeting world class standards. The product is available pan-India and we have coordinated formal seminars/consultant meets in Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh and Chennai where we invited all our stakeholders – OEMs, Panel Builders, Infrastructure Builders & Contractors, Government Contractors, IP Dealers and Prescribers (Private Project & Government project Consultants). Going forward, we aim to reach more stakeholders by organizing similar such meets across the country. We are hopeful that the range will fulfil all the safety and aesthetic requirements of our customers, helping us to expand and capture new markets and further strengthen our presence in the switchgear category.”

AV ATS is a simple strong and reliable mechanism to provide a safe changeover of sources, remotely. It has been developed keeping in mind the safety requirements of the new age customers who are more aware about safety measures,preferring branded and quality conscious electrical components to safeguard their systems and prevent threats posed by short circuits. All live parts are shrouded eliminating the possibilities of casualties & electric hazards. The insulation property of the material used is highly reliable, self-extinguishing with high thermal withstand properties and remains intact in even critical conditions.

AV ATS Changeover Switches are modified electrical operated version of AV Changeover.In case of auto failure, Emergency Handle arrangement is provided for manual operation of switch in “OFF” position or selecting the supply.

The AV ATS is compact in size and hence helps in saving space in the enclosures, panels etc. The handling is easy and simple. Its simplicity and ease in use allows the user for quick installation.Any pole can be used as Neutral pole. Line load reversibility supports user in comer and outgoing design. Plug-in auxiliary contact kit easy to mount on the switch.


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