Great Success for Productronica India 2019

Drawing and attracting visitors with ASM Integrated Smart Factory Workflows

 Smart Factory Workflows

Over 25 -27 September 2019, ASM participated at the Productronica trade show in New Delhi. Focusing on the key central workflows in the Integrated Smart SMT Factory, ASM presented visitors on the integrated hardware and software systems that electronic manufacturers can rely on and achieve improvements in their productions.

ASM took part in Productronica India 2019 and enjoyed great success. During the three-day exhibition, ASM introduced to the visitors the workflows of the Integrated Smart Factory. Visitors get to experience ASM solutions for “The Integrated Smart Factory” and what central workflows are key and how they can be automated and optimized.

ASM SMT line, consisting of the new DEK TQ stencil printing system, ASM Process Expert solder paste measurement system and new SIPLACE TX high-end placement modules were exhibited at the show including 4 live demonstrations were also presented each day. Visitors get to witness first-hand the “Placing of the World’s Smallest Components” and “Smart Operator Guidance”, demonstrating the capabilities of our modules’ speed and accuracy, and how more lines can be supported with significantly fewer people.

Also at the booth, ASM shares its expertise and know-how to electronics manufacturers from China and other regions in establishing manufacturing sites in India, from finding locations to hiring the right people to the setting up of their electronic manufacturing lines.

Together with our ASM partner, Maxim SMT, visitors were presented with the E Solutions line – the line suitable for small and medium-sized electronics manufacturers for the mid-speed segment, as well as for prototyping and small-lot production.

With these innovations, together with ASM’s long presence, extensive network, service and support in India, ASM is always keen to build a deep-rooted relationship with the new and existing customers in India.

Overwhelming interest by the visitors were received at the exhibition, underlying our progress on the journey with our customers with ASM being the right partner for Smart Factory in India.

In addition, ASM was awarded by Electronics Maker Magazine for “Manufacturing Excellence in Printing Solutions” and “Smart SMT Factory Award”, at India’s biggest and best electronics companies awards ceremony. The two awards were presented during the Productronica India 2019 exhibition and we are proud to be recognized for it. It is a testament that ASM has continued to maintain its position as an innovative industry leader and continues to strive and progress.

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