Grade 2 Automotive-Compliant PCIe 4.0 Clocks from Diodes Incorporated Bring Low Power to Intelligent and Autonomous Automotive Designs

DIO933_7040_PR_Image-PI6Cx18xQ2-MRPlano, Texas – February 26, 2019 – Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets, today announced a family of automotive-compliant PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 clock generators and buffers featuring advanced features for demanding automotive applications, including head units, ECUs, ADAS, navigation, telematics, and infotainment.

The PI6CG182Q, PI6CG184Q, PI6CG188Q (PCIe 4.0 clock generators) and PI6CB184Q (PCIe 4.0 clock buffers) provide differential low-power, high-speed current steering logic (HCSL) outputs with on-chip termination. They have been designed to generate and distribute a reference clock signal for chipsets employing PCIe Gen 4 interfaces. These devices are all qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 2, with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C, therefore they are suitable for any automotive PCIe application.

Operating at 1.8V and with integrated on-chip termination at every HCSL output, the devices minimize power consumption and remove the need for external resistors; designers would otherwise need to add four resistors per output pair, or up to 32 resistors for an 8-output device, and lose power via the external resistors. Each output also features its own enable pin to further improve power management on outputs that are unused. The devices are based on Diodes Incorporated’s proprietary PLL technology, proven in millions of products worldwide. This design includes a number of advanced features including programmable output slew rate and amplitude, and selectable spread-spectrum on differential outputs to help minimize EMI. This can be particularly advantageous when designing for an automotive environment.

These automotive-compliant clocks were developed with the automotive manufacturing environment in mind, so wettable-flank QFN packages have been used to ensure compatibility with automated visual inspection.

The product lineup includes: the PI6CG182Q (clock generator, 2 outputs), the PI6CG184Q (clock generator, 4 outputs), the PI6CG188Q (clock generator, 8 outputs), and the PI6CB184Q (clock buffer, 4 outputs).

The PI6CG182Q is available in the 26-TQFN package (4mm x 4mm) and priced at $1.35 each in 3000 piece quantities.

The PI6CG184Q is available in the 32-TQFN package (5mm x 5mm) and priced at $1.50 each in 3000 piece quantities.

The PI6CG188Q is available in the 48-TQFN package (4mm x 4mm) and priced at $1.80 each in 3000 piece quantities. 

The PI6CB184Q is available in the 32-TQFN package (5mm x 5mm) and priced at $1.42 each in 3000 piece quantities.

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