FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, has introduced four new connector solutions at DesignCon 2014.

  • PwrBlade ULTRA™ connector – The next generation of PwrBlade® connector that offers a 30 percent reduction in contact resistance, which results in increased current carrying capacity in a smaller form factor.                                                                                                      For more information about FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA™ power distribution connectors, please click here.
  • BarKlip bus bar connector – A right angle bus bar connector designed for applications requiring a direct pluggable connection to an uninsulated bus bar.                                                                                               For more information about FCI’s BarKlip connectors or othe Bus-Bar Power Distribution Solutions, please click here.
  • ExaMAX® IO cable solution – This latest IO cable assembly utilizes FCI’s proprietary ExaMAX® connector technology that has the bandwidth capability to facilitate signal transmission speeds of up to 40 Gb/s.                                                                                                                        For more information about FCI’s ExaMAX cable solutions, please click here.
  • ExaMAX® high speed backplane connector family – FCI expanded its ExaMAX® suite to accommodate multiple mechanical packaging configurations including traditional mother-daughter board, orthogonal, coplanar, mezzanine, and high speed I/O cabling.    For more information about FCI products and demos at DesignCon 2014, please visit events.fci.com/designcon.

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