Electronics manufacturers show great interest in solutions for the integrated smart factory

Munich, November 22, 2019 – The 2019 Productronica trade fair in Munich was again a big success for technology leader ASM.  The company’s booth, which covered more than 800 square meters, was busy at all times. In particular, the live shows in the Integrated Smart Factory Arena with its robot-supported, fully automated solutions for material flows and setup changeovers as well as the complete data integration from the shopfloor to the cloud were always packed. Other exhibits attracting large numbers of visitors included the DEK TQ stencil printer, the new ASM Material Tower, the new, flexible SIPLACE SX with the OSC Package for odd-shaped components, and the ASM ProcessLens 5D SPI system. Also apparent was the growing importance of software for integrated workflows in electronics factories. With its ASM Command Center, ASM FactoryChat and ASM Production Planner, ASM showcased many innovations from its rapidly growing software portfolio. Other innovations that are elemental for implementing the integrated smart factory were the ‘digital twins’ in ASM software applications and the ASM Academy service solution with its virtual-reality training units. The area for advanced packaging process solutions was also highly popular. In addition to the ASM SilverSAM sintering press and the flexible SIPLACE CA for fan-out processes, the ASM AMICRA CoS multichip-on-substrate bonder was a major highlight. The new machine from the Regensburg-based ASM subsidiary sets new standards in precision and cycle times, which is why it was honored with the Productronica Innovation Award 2019.

dgh“What sets us apart is our ability to provide Productronica visitors already today with concrete answers to the question how and where the digital transformation, automation, and the smart factory will improve the productivity and quality in electronics manufacturing. Examples include fully automated setup changeovers, smart solutions for material logistics, innovative smart operator pools, and digital training offerings. Also important is the fact that ASM solutions can be introduced in existing factories in stages, as well as their ability to include machines and solutions from other equipment suppliers. Open interfaces and standardized protocols like IPC-HERMES-9852, ASM OIB and IPC-CFX make this possible. They ensure a consistent dataflow from shop floor even into the cloud. Since this meets the needs of many electronics manufacturers, we were able to increase the number of meetings and inquiries by 30 percent despite the unchanged number of total Productronica visitors this year,” said Günter Lauber, CEO ASM Assembly Systems.

Off-site show was equally successful

ASM had also invited its customers to a two-day in-house show at its SMT Center of Competence in Munich that ran concurrently with the Productronica. In live demonstrations and presentations by customers and partners like Flex, Huawei, Viscom, Yole, Koh Young as well as ASM experts, more than 600 representatives of electronics manufacturers from all over the world learned about the latest technological trends, upcoming product developments and advances in digitalization and smart automation. Among others, ASM presented AOI systems (Advance Optical Inspection) from Viscom, Vitrox and Koh Young integrated into ASM solutions like ASM ProcessExpert and ASM Command Center, and special feeder solutions by IPTE, SEMO and Hover Davis on ASM lines.

A meeting of the SMT Smart Network was also held to coincide with this year’s Productronica. Since 2017, this steadily growing group of particularly innovative electronics manufacturers has used this network and its regular meetings to share their experiences in implementing the integrated smart factory and compare the resulting advances through joint efficiency benchmarkings.

A further highlight was ASM’s participation in the IPC HERMES Digital Factory, a production line with machines by different suppliers, that was fully integrated by IPC CF and IPC-HERMES-9852.

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