electronica 2014: Top-class program for 50th anniversary

electronica_Welcome-to-planet-eelectronica is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, and will once again be the industry platform for exchange of information and expertise about electronics. From November 11 to 14, 2014, visitors to MesseMünchen can inform themselves about the whole product and service portfolios of the electronic industry: from components and systems to electronic applications and services. This year’s international trade fair revolves around automotive, embedded systems and lighting, as well as the overarching themes of security and energy efficiency. The program of conferences and forums will explore these exhibition topics in greater depth.

According to calculations by the German Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Industry Association (ZVEI), the global market for electrical and electronic products grew by three per cent last year to approximately 3.7 trillion euros. The Asian and American markets have been mainly driving this growth. This also benefits the German electrical industry: In the whole of the first quarter of 2014, new orders rose by 3 percent over the previous year. So the auspices for electronica 2014 are good. (Source: www.zvei.org)


International exhibitors and trade visitors

electronica_EntranceIn 2012, almost half of the 73,051 visitors and 63 percent of the 2,669 exhibitors were from abroad. With its three-pillar concept of exhibition, conference and forum program, this year’s electronica will again be providing the latest information about technologies, products, services and trends in the industry. A highlight of the show, the CEO roundtable, will be devoted to the topic: “Internet of Things: Possibilities, Challenges and the Question of Security”. The focus of the trade show will be on automotive, embedded systems and lighting, as well as the cross-cutting issues of security and energy efficiency. This is reflected, among other things, in the electronica Forum, in panel discussions and lectures.

Comprehensive conference and forums program

In the exhibition halls, several forums invite you to exchange ideas and dialog. The range of topics of the forums – automotive, embedded, electronica and Exhibitor Forum as well as the PCB & Components Market Place – is application-oriented and allows visitors to learn about current and future issues. These topics will be explored in greater depth within the conference program of electronica.

Expert knowledge at the electronica automotive conference

electronica-CEO-RoundtableThe electronica automotive conference is held on November 10, which is the day before electronica 2014. The conference is where leading executives and experts from the automotive sector meet to exchange ideas and information about topics that play a key role in the transition that is affecting the entire industry. The lectures at this year’s conference are divided into three subject areas, i.e. Lighting, Sensor Fusion and Connectivity. The conference will begin with keynotes from Dr. Wolfgang Huhn (Audi AG), Jean-Francois Tarabbia (Valeo) and Prof. Hermann Eul (Intel Corporation). Another conference highlight is the final discussion on the topic “What effects do massive market shifts eastward have on the European automobile industry’s capacity for innovation?” Panel discussion participants include Klaus Meder (Robert Bosch), Kurt Sievers (NXP Semiconductors Germany), Karl-Friedrich Stracke (MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik) and Prof. Siegfried Wolf (Continental Automotive).

embedded platforms conference

The embedded platforms conference will be looking for the second time at new technologies, concrete solution approaches and services for the development of embedded systems. The conference will take place on November 12 and 13, in parallel with electronica, at the Press Center East of the MesseMünchen. Topics are among others Internet of Things, Smart Home, Micros & DSPs, Portability, Design & Simulation, ARM-based Computers & Processors, ASICs, Multicore, System Engineering, RTOS, Security, Energy Management & Efficiency, SoC, LED Drivers, Software Engineering, Hardware Abstraction and API.


Digital interconnection is permeating all areas of our life and is thus shaping economic development worldwide as well as the emergence of new innovative products. So the fourth industrial revolution has long been more than just a vision. Through examples of best practice, visionary technical lectures and discussion rounds, the conference participants of IT2Industry find out about the specific consequences, the opportunities and risks of this increasing digital interconnection in industry and production. The conference takes place on November 11 at the Press Center East.

Wireless Congress

At the Wireless Congress ‘Systems & Application’, organized by “Elektronik” magazine, ZVEI and electronica at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center Munich on November 12 and 13, industry experts will discuss the technical aspects of present and future wireless technologies, primarily for industrial use.

Facts at a glance:

electronica 2014: Facts and figures at a glance

Date: Tuesday – Friday, November 11 – 14

Times: Tuesday – Thursday: 9:00 – 18:00 and Friday: 9:00 – 17:00

Price of admission: 1-day ticket starting at EUR 27.50 (online)

Web: www.electronica.de/en

The catalog is included in the price of admission (while supplies last).

Tickets may be ordered online at www.electronica.de/en/tickets

Conference dates

electronica automotive conference: Monday November 10 (ICM – Internationales Congress Center München)

embedded platforms conference: Wednesday – Thursday, November 12 – 13 (Press

Center East)

IT2Industry: Tuesday, November 11 (Press Center East)

Wireless Congress: Wednesday – Thursday, November 12 – 13(ICM – Internationales Congress Center München)


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