EFY Expo 2015, New Delhi India

Date: 26 – 28th Feb 2015, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Themed: Success of EDSM Industry

EFY-Expo-2015Highlights of EFY Expo India 2015

  1. ELCINA Buyer Seller Meet
  2. The Innovation Zone
  3. 3D Printers’ Zone
  4. International Exhibitors
  5. T&M Showcase
  6. Workshop on Best Practices in SMT Manufacturing
  7. Two major co-located shows:ACMA’s automechaniKa & CII’s IETF
  8. Special Deals on Hotels
  9. The theme for this year
  10. Avoid Queues at Registration Desk


Anritsu, Mr. Madhukar Tripathi (Regional Manager)

Our vision to participate in this show is to let the customers know about our company, products & solutions we provide to the industry. Here we are displaying a large range of our products from Radio Communication Analyzer for smart phones testing, Micro OTDR for handheld testing of Fiber optics installations, Sight master, Spectro master and shock line VNA along with signal generator for wireless field testing. Here we are also displaying a very unique product, LMR master for public safety and communication. New product that we are displaying here is EMF tester, launched this year that is all – in – one tester that can test all DTF parameters alongwith EMF testing. As of now, we are lacking the expected crowd and right auditions and we expect more industry people in coming time.

Rohde & Schwarz, Mr. Nasser Jariwala (Head – T&M), Mr. Surat Verma (Asst. Manager – Business Development)

In my opinion, the test and measurement market in India is R&D only, it’s less in production. We hope this Made in India program will help us impact us to have the production in this country only, where we can see the growth of T&M on a larger scale. We see if it is not immediately the manufacturing but the latest BIS standards in in-force from April is making Indian customers to come up and test their product. Here in this show, we have launched a new product, the RTM with much awaited improvements on the bandwidth of RTM series, which was earlier 500MHz has gone up-till 1 GHz. Also, we have introduced spectrum analysis on all the channels. From the sales point of view the kind of response we are getting in EFY Expo, so far we expect better. EFY is trying to bring new things, like buying – seller meet but we expect more efforts from organizers to bring right people into the show.


Goodwill Instrument Ltd, Mr. Sumit Sharma – Marketing Manager

This year we came to the show with our complete product range starting from oscilloscopes followed by the function generators including functional generator upto 80MHz next is spectrum analyzer that goes upto 3GHz bandwidth. Also we have got wide range of power supplies, and we have tried to showcase here some of our key products, having programmability with the PC and remote control option having single, double and triple channel power supply. The next one is the AC Power supply; LCR meters upto 10MHz test frequencies and range of multi-meters. A very exciting product we have is a new fully touch screen DSO combines with a DMM in-built. It was launched couple of month’s back the product name is GDS300 or 200 series. We have several models, the starting model in 70MHz, than 100MHz and goes upto 200 MHz. The response we are getting is pretty satisfactory.

Freescale Semiconductor, Mr. Baskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager

The theme of Freescale in this EFY show in IoT, Internet of Things. We are giving here the demo of Smart City network, for ex connecting hundreds of meter to a singly utility that can take data and process as required. The next one is a smart energy system, wherein there are different types of devices. The next one is Smart home system for device controlling and surveillance system. The further demonstrated is a smart health devices like, pulse meter and smart watches. As Indian Govt. is talking about Digital India and insisting on e-governance, so everything will be a part of IoT and it is getting attention of all companies, people & government here. It will definitely take some time for IoT installations to reach to its far – potential areas like, homes & hospitals. When we see GDP going up the particular government of the country invested in the infrastructure and I think our new government is in the right way to built necessary infrastructures, for example Digital Networking Campaign, budgeting 7000 crores for next 4 years. The response we are getting good but more of learning interest, we will see how much it will be converted into the business.

Keysight Technologies, Mr. Gautam Awasthy, GM Marketing

EFY is one of the largest event in north region and we have large customer base in this region. This is the good platform to connect with those customers. Another reason is we are the largest T&M Company with the broadest portfolio. We are a new brand now, Keysight and we want our customers to be close with the new brand and also for brand building. We are showcasing here almost everything that we got from digital to RF test, Oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum Analyzers, RF Analyzers, Power supplies, Power analyzers, USB based equipments, modular equipments, and basic testing equipments. We have seen some good visitors and meeting new customers. So the response is good. I think this show should target more enterprise customers, we are seeing lots of colleges & small to medium customer and we are willing to meet more of MNC or big companies. Here we are running a trigger challenge on oscilloscopes on a new line of touch based scopes where the triggering is very easy.

Asys Group, Mr. Wolfgang Heinecke – Director Sales and Service

We showcase here our portfolio here and some video are running of what we are innovating and what already in market. So far I have seen here only one more equipment supplier here EMST, customer traffic is good we met lots of customers here. Last year in Productronica we show case our new printer platform first time in India for small and mid-range market that is completely up-scalable model. The same we are displaying here along-with a new software platform that will connect your machines with your smart-phones. In addition to that we have ASYS monitoring tool that connect all machines with IoT is catching us lots of people.

B & B Battery (India) Co. Pvt Ltd. Mr. G. Ajit Kumar – Director – Sales & Marketing, Mr. P. Vijayaraghavan – General Manager

This is out 1st time participation in show and we are new in Indian market so far we are in India through our distributors but now we have our own branch in India. The applications of our battery that we are showcasing here is very broad. Our strength is we are not only manufacturer we do R&D for our customers for last 22 years. We don’t give same battery to all applications we offer special battery for special applications, like electric scooters, solar, telecom etc.

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