Award-winning 3D AOI S3088 DT from Viscom launched in South East Asia

Dual-Track for Extra Speed and Versatility

Shanghai, August 2019 – NepconAsia, Viscom booth 1#G45
At the upcoming NepconAsia show in Shenzhen, Viscom will highlight their powerful 3D AOI system S3088 DT that has been specifically developed for high-volume dual-lane applications with the highest degree of flexibility in mind. With a choice of different sensor technologies and adjustable track widths the DT is configurable to demand and guarantees the highest throughput and inspection quality in the most demanding production environments.

Dual-lane for extra speed and versatility

Building on the cutting edge Viscom XM camera technology with best-in-class 3D image quality and incorporating the latest smart and cross-linked software solutions, the new S3088 DT has already become an industry favorite since its first market introduction. In order to guarantee the highest degree of flexibility

the S3088 DT can in addition to 3D AOI also be configured with a variety of different sensor technologies for Conformal Coating (CCI), Solder Paste (SPI) or Underfill Inspection (UFI).

The system flexibly adjusts to varying track widths and can also be efficiently utilized in single-track mode featuring the added value of inspection of large PCBs with sizes up to 450mm x 655mm.

At the same time the footprint of the machine has been optimized. The monitor has ergonomically been integrated into the housingwhich makes this system a favorite in dense production environments.

The S3088 DT comes with an orthogonal resolution of 10 µm/pixel in standard configuration which ensures that even the most challenging components like 03015 can reliably be inspected. And that at an impressive speed of 65 cm2/s which is facilitated by a 50 mm by 50 mm field of view.

3D-AOI-S3088-DT-from-ViscomThe S3088 DT is designed to connect to all Industry 4.0 and smart production interfaces within the line and is engineered in view of future AI and Big Data applications. It comes with a whole array of new intelligent and interconnected software tools facilitating full line integration and smart statistical process control conveniently even by your smartphone.

Smart factory applications for maximum inspection quality

Efficiently interconnected within the production line all Viscom inspection systems at display are designed to deliver the highest throughput while maintaining the best 3D image quality and maximum first-pass yield. Viscom’s smart inspection tools ensure the seamless integration within the line, full traceability and thus continuous process and quality improvement. With the powerful Viscom Quality Uplink feature inspection data from different inspection gates along the line is automatically linked for analysis and canbe exchanged effortlessly even with third party systems via the Viscom Open Interface 4.0.

At the Nepconshow, visitors are invited to experience the entire line-up of Viscom inspection systems ranging from manual to fully automatic 3D AOI and 3D AXI systems. Reduce false calls, increase first-pass yield – the Viscom experts are able to advise customers about smart factory applications and how they can be utilized to lead to overall inspection quality and process optimization.


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