Artificial Neural Network Mapping Made Simple with the STM32Cube.AI

ST’s Markus Mayr provided an overview of STM32Cube.AI, the industry’s most advanced toolkit capable of interoperating with popular deep learning libraries to convert any artificial neural network for STM32 microcontrollers (MCU) to run optimized inferences.

Over the past five years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed from a buzzword to reality, with AI finding use in facial and voice recognition, financial fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and online shopping suggestions now a part of everyday life for many – with new applications on the horizon.
AI is a set of technologies that enable computers to mimic human behavior and intelligence. It is underpinned by sets of machine and deep-learning algorithms that extract meaning out of data. In order to develop applications that incorporate AI features, you need specialized tools and expertise, which can be challenging to veteran embedded developers lacking training in machine and deep learning.

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