A Nano-Quiescent Step-Down Converter With the Lowest Output in the Industry

The ST1PS01 is a 400 mA nano-quiescent step-down converter capable of receiving an input voltage ranging between 1.8 V and 5.5 V while offering an ultra-low-voltage output. There are various members of the ST1PS01 series, as we detail in the table below. In each case, a component has four output voltages that a microcontroller can dynamically select at any moment through two digital I/O pins, thus making it a truly flexible converter capable of adapting itself to the new low-power MCUs that are breaking records with ever-decreasing consumptions. Its size of only 1.11 mm x 1.41 mm and its 94 % efficiency at one mA load makes it an excellent choice for small products that rely on a battery. To achieve such results, we designed a new architecture that prioritized innovations and flexibility

Link- https://blog.st.com/nano-quiescent-step-down-converter-st1ps01/

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