2019 Will Showcase the First Pair of Audio AR Sunglasses

The first pair of sunglasses are credited to the 12th-century Chinese people. They were designed specifically to protect the eyes from the sun and to hide people’s facial expressions in a court of law. There have been all sorts of technological advancements over the years in terms of sunglasses manufacturing.

In 2004, Oakley developed Thump, sunglasses with a built-in audio player. The next year, Oakley created the Razrwire, which are shades that come equipped with a built-in wireless cell phone headset. Now, according to Malay Mail, Bose has now developed the world’s first audio augmented reality (AR) platform into a pair of sunglasses.

The new smart Frames are not only sunglasses, but audio AR and personal audio device all wrapped in one. This innovative product was introduced to the market at the end of 2018. They are UV-blocking sunglasses that can replace wireless headphones and other smart devices. And they look pretty cool, too.

If you wear these futuristic shades, you’ll be provided with audio information via open-ear headphones integrated into both sides of the frame.

Imagine looking at a piece of historical art. You’ll be able to actually listen to a speech that was pinned precociously to the piece of art, artist, or famous person associated with it. Additionally, if you’re reading a sign in a foreign language, the glasses will translate the text for you and read it out loud in English.

In a press release, the company announced that: “[Frames] automatically adds a layer of audio, connecting that place and time to endless possibilities for travel, learning, entertainment, gaming, and more. It’s all accessible through the ease of listening — clear-eyed, heads up, hands-free. And with Bose AR experiences in development, it’s coming soon to Bose Frames.”

Additionally, the shades will be able to know exactly where you are in the world (as long as you’re connected to your smartphone) and which direction you are actually looking. Want to change the song on your Spotify? Simply nod your head and you can skip songs for up to 3.5 hours straight.

AR shades won’t be available until later in 2019, will weigh approximately 45 grams, and will likely cost around $199.

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