Mornsun launched 150W 250-1500VDC Ultra-wide Input Voltage DC/DC Module – PV150-29Bxx Series

Mornsun launched a 150W 250-1500VDC ultra-wide input voltage PV series PV150-29Bxx. Till now, the ultra-wide input voltage PV family covers output powers including 5W, 10W, 15W, 40W, 120W, 150W, 200W.

The new PV150-29Bxx series features 4000VAC isolation voltage and a wide input voltage range of 250-1500VDC. Its efficiency is up to 84% at 800V input voltage. PV150-29Bxx series also provides output voltages of 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V.

In addition, -40℃ to +70℃ industrial operating temperature range(the derating of output power is lower than 65% during the temperature of 55℃ to 70℃), and meeting 5000m altitude application requirements(no derating ≤2000m) make PV150-29Bxx series idea for environments of thin air and outdoor high altitude with large temperature difference day and night.


ukWidely used in applications of photovoltaic inverter system and tracking system.


  1. Ultra wide input voltage range: 250 – 1500VDC
  2. Wide applications
  • Industrial grade operating temperature: -40℃ to +70℃
  • Meets 5000 altitude requirements
  1. High reliability
  • 4000VAC high isolation voltage
  • MTBF over 300,000h
  • High efficiency, low ripple & noise, high reliability, long lifespan
  • 3 years warranty
  • Input under-voltage protection, reverse input voltage protection, output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection
  • Meets CSA-C22.2 No.107.1, EN62109 standards

For more information, please refer to the technical manual: PV150-29Bxx

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