Universal Permalex Squeegee Holder Assembly Fits Fuji NXTR SMT Printers

Transition Automation, Inc. today introduces a new model of Universal Squeegee Holder designed to fit the advanced Fuji NXTR SMT printer platform. The Holder System is lightweight and incorporates the company’s highly durable Permalex edge metal squeegees. The holders are able to receive bare blades with no holes or screws to remove. Additionally, they feature the latest “soft touch” paste retainers. Products are in stock and available for online purchase at this link: https://metalsqueegees.com/collections/smt-squeege7e-blades-and-holders/products/smt-squeegee-holder-fuji-nxtr?variant=31830441558069

Transition Automation Permalex® squeegee blades and holder systems are designed for high-performance longevity for mission-critical electronics production. These products are used worldwide for aerospace, automotive, communications, industrial control, government and satellite systems. Transition Automation, Inc. enhances electronics manufacturing production yield and efficiency by reducing machine interruption while maintaining high-performance output for lengthy production cycles. Transition Automation strives for production consistency between orders and across various machine platforms and squeegee styles. The company is located at 5 Trader Circle, Building D, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, USA, 01879. Phone: 978-649-2400, Web: www.transitionautomation.com

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