Alps Alpine Strengthens Automotive HMI Technology and Product Capabilities New License Agreement with Immersion Corporation Takes Partnership to a New Leve

Alps Alpine products. This strengthensAlps Alpine’s ability to add high-fidelity, high-quality and quick-to-respond tactile effects for next-generation HMI products, including touchscreens, touchpads,

switches and dials, thereby assisting in the creation of safe and comfortable driving environments.Active SensingTM technology optimizes vibration control in Alps Alpine’s touch feedback technology,and with real-time vibration sensing and actuator control, the software technology dramaticallyexpands the vibration options. In combination with a HAPTICTM Reactor, which can produce a largevibrational force using two resonance points to generate diverse vibrations, the solution can provide
greater vibrational freedom while supporting the trend toward smaller products. The vibration controlalgorithm also provides outstanding response speed, leading to advanced user experiences with
heightened haptic performance.Alps Alpine plans to further improve the functionality and performance of its touch feedbacktechnology, while also fusing the technology with software and system development capabilities from the automotive infotainment business segment to advance the development of area control units1and smart surfaces2 and create HMI products that push input and output inside the vehicle cabin to
new heights.

  1. An input format enabling seamless control of in-vehicle systems connected and coordinated over a network
    with freedom in the installation location
  2. Multifunctional, high-performance surface materials with input control and display functionality

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