World’s largest 15µH inductor in 0402 size

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduces the LQW15DN series inductor for communication devices such as smartphones, which is the world’s smallest inductor in 0402 size (1.0 x 0.5mm) at a large inductance of 15µH. Mass production of the product is starting in September 2017.
Inductors for communications devices such as smartphones require miniaturization of the components for multifunctionality and multimodality as well as large inductance for booster circuits installed in RF antenna tuning circuits and bluetooth modules. The product realized a maximum inductance of 15μH in 0402 size (1.0 x 0.5mm) due to our unique materials and design technology, enabling contribution to the miniaturization and high-efficiency of the circuit.

The increasing use of electrical and digital functions in automobiles has triggered increased demand for product lines having high reliability and a wide range of inductance for implementation in choke and signal filter applications., In response, Murata revised its design using the consumer electronics oriented LQH32MN_23 as a base, and by improving quality and strengthening its process control it has created a wire wound inductor with a maximum usage temperature of 125°C. The product also conforms to AEC-Q200, and for some inductance value item improve the rated current and provides narrow deviation (±20%) for Rdc (DC resistance).
Going forward, the company will expand its offering of automotive choke inductors and expand its inventory of other inductors as well.

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