Aerospace and Defense Seminars – Wind River HostsWind Forum 2014

Aerospace and Defense Seminars in Hyderabad and Bangalore Focus on Delivering Next-Generation Safe and Secure Intelligent Systems

INDIA,Hyderabad, June 4, 2014 –Wind River, a world leader in in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, is hosting itsannual Aerospace and Defense (A&D) conference – Wind Forum 2014.  The event will focus on delivering safe and secure intelligent systems in an increasingly complex and connected world, and reducing risk from next-generation programs with commercial-grade run-time platforms based on industry standards. The event is being held twice: in Hyderabad on June 4 and in Bangalore on June 5.

The aerospace and defense industry today faces enormous embedded safety and security challenges. Electronic systems in defense and military communications have become prime targets for highly sophisticated cyber-attacks, due to their increased network connectedness,, along with the critical nature of their use.

The seminar in Hyderabad featurespresentations by Dr. Paul Chen, senior director of project managementat Wind River, on trends and development in airborne software andaviation systemsand trends and developments in embedded cybersecurity.”

In addition, the seminar is showcasingA&D ecosystem players and their insights into the latest technologies to enhance the safety and security of critical systems, as well astheir guidance on solving end-to-end device-to-cloud system security challenges. Attendees also havethe opportunity to experience the most-up-to-date and innovative products and solutions and interact with technology experts, gaining new perspectives on today’s embedded design challenges.

“Cyber security threats abound and include virus backdoors, insider manipulations, unauthorized access, hardware damage or theft and communications disruption. Wind River’s aerospace anddefense and cybersecurity services offer a unique blend of deep real-time embedded operating systemexpertise to counter the increasing threat levels that aim to bring down mission critical systems and networks in a country,” said NamiqKunimoto, vice president of APAC sales at Wind River.


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