Why the Australian Export Market is Still Attractive for India

solar-powerAs solar power becomes a more sought-after power source, more and more countries are looking to take advantage of the clean, renewable energy and the potential profits to be made by selling unused energy back to the grid. Leading Melbourne-based solar company, Essential Solar, suggest there is interest in a range of global solar product companies. Many countries are looking overseas rather than to their own domestic markets when looking to purchase solar panels, only to be met with disappointment as most solar product companies do not cater to an international market. India is one such country, and a fantastic, underserved market that solar power suppliers could tap into – especially Australian companies.

Solar power incentives

Currently India isn’t one of the biggest markets for solar power. However, recent government incentives mean that it is now more profitable than ever to invest in solar panels. As a result, the industry has started to boom, and more and more domestic and commercial clients are looking to fit their properties out with the solar technology to power their own appliances, as well as to generate and supply the national grid at a tidy profit.

Quality of Australian-made goods

With the rise of solar power in India also comes a rise in those seeking Australian exports. As the demand for solar panels grows, the domestic market in India has become heavily saturated with poor quality models or cheap constructions that are inefficient and unreliable. Australian products have long had positive connotations within Asian countries who see Australian products as a quality benchmark. Rather than wasting their money on inefficient models that won’t generate as much solar energy and therefore won’t create as much income, investors are instead turning to where they know they can get a good product: right here in Australia.

One Australian-based solar panel manufacturing plant – in fact, they claim to be the only Australian-based solar panel manufacturing plant – Tindo Solar, are reporting that the market looks good. They have already begun taking orders from India and are exporting their goods overseas. They report that while their current orders have been small trial pieces, the customers are looking to return for larger, industrial-size pieces that Tindo Solar can really profit from. Tindo Solar are taking advantage of these trial solar kits to collect data on the performance of their units in the Indian climate. This information can then be used to market their solar panels to the Indian market with statistics to support their claims, which is likely to generate more sales.

As currently the only claimed Australian company making solar panels, the team could see their overseas exports massively rise as more and more of India’s market looks this way to supply quality goods.

How solar panels can influence all of Australia’s exports

As any Australian product or service becomes more popular overseas, the reputation for quality and reliable products grows. Customers that relied on the export of Australian solar panels will think again of Australia when they next require a reliable product. This is especially true of more expensive investments in which quality outweighs cost. This means that any successes that Tindo Solar, and any other Australian solar power supplier, has in India, the better for all of Australia’s exports.


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