We have achieved 40 % market growth in 2016

Daisuke Nakamura, Managing Director, ROHM Semiconductor India
Daisuke Nakamura, Managing Director, ROHM Semiconductor India
2016 was a good year for ROHM Semiconductor India with good sales growth in automotive sector. Daisuke Nakamura, Managing Director, ROHM Semiconductor India shares here ROHM 2016 business growth and company focus for this year.

Let us discuss the important happenings from business perspective in 2016?
D. Nakamura: It was a good year for the Indian automotive industry which is primarily ROHM India’s biggest focus. We have managed to achieve good sales growth in this sector.
There is an increasing awareness about energy savings across industries and this trend is growing year on year. This has given us the opportunity to expand our products in power management, viz., ICs and discretes.
How was year 2016 for Rohm and let us discuss the market growth?
D. Nakamura: Overall it was a good year for ROHM Semiconductor India. We have already achieved more than what we had targeted, mainly in the Automotive and energy-saving segment. We have achieved 40 % market growth in 2016.
Which important product/technology announcements in 2016 that reshapes the industry you would like to share?
D. Nakamura: As I mentioned earlier, need Energy Saving is one of the biggest concerns and need across industries. ROHM’s focus has been on creating solutions which help in achieving demand side conservation. ROHM Semiconductor India introduced this year, the path breaking BLDC motor solutions for ceiling fans as well as Air conditioners, Air coolers and water purifier. These solutions compared to the conventional AC induction motor are around 50% more efficient. The solutions are designed with features to reduce the design time and hence enable a faster time to market. These drivers along with the easily customizable reference designs will propel local design, which is the key to manufacturing locally.
Moving in 2017, what will be your key focus?
D. Nakamura: Automotive segment, naturally, remains a key focus for us. Moreover, stringent emission control norms and energy efficiency regulations will be key factors in defining our strategy for next few years. We are also looking at launching the BLDC motor business for consumer electronics segment in a bigger way. The Mobile phone market is headed for an exponential growth with a significant change in the current ecosystem. We are closely watching this sector.
What holds for Rohm as Worlds’ leading semiconductor company?
D. Nakamura: Globally, the company is focused on the Automotive market. We are focusing on next gen automotive high-tech like ADAS (Advanced tool driving assist system) or LED Display Controller. These technologies will be gamechangers for the global automotive sector and ROHM would like to be one of the front runner suppliers. Miniaturization of products is also one of ROHM’s strengths across segments like Smart Phone, IoT and so on.

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