Vicor Webinar – Dramatically Boost Efficiency with Bi-Directional Energy Flow

Summary: Learn how to design power chains that use bi-directional energy flow to harvest energy and achieve unprecedented levels of system efficiency.

Watch: Enabling Bi-Directional Energy Flow Using DC Power Transformers Webinar

Harry Vig, Vicor Principal Systems Application Engineer talks about:

  • How to design for bi-directional DC-DC power flow
  • A dynamic approach to using batteries
  • Applications from DC microgrids to telecommunications equipment
  • Using higher voltages to power remote loads more efficiently

About the Presenter

Harry Vig graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1988. His broad experience as a test engineer and design engineer spans power electronics, opto-electronics and thermal control design for companies including APC, Bose and Ford. He is currently an Application Engineer at Vicor Corporation, helping customers develop high-performance power systems using Vicor power components.

Who Should Watch?

This webinar is ideal for any level of engineer, from junior to engineering director. Bi-directional converters are a new class of component and everyone involved in power system design should be aware of how they can help save and harvest energy to improve efficiency in a wide variety of electronic systems.

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