Two-Way Audio

It is said that “Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Leaders”. Educating them in the right way and assuring that there is no hindrance in their progress is of utmost importance. For this, educational institutions should make efforts to improve their way of delivering education and take preventive steps against the threats and mischiefs happening in the premises.

Matrix Video Surveillance solution, with its Two-way Audio feature, helps educational institutions to serve quality education with real-time streaming of lectures on multiple devices. For this, a mic and a speaker is attached/connected with the camera at the audio-in and out ports respectively.

  1. Improved Academic Performance:

Students who are unable to attend the classes due to poor health, extra-curricular activities, etc., can view the recorded lectures at their convenience with Matrix Video Surveillance solution. Also, lectures can be recorded for future reference which can help students improve their preparation and performance.

  1. Real-time Streaming:

The quality of teaching can be monitored and lectures can be heard in real-time, helping the authorities improve their education system.Matrix Video Surveillance also offers distance learning courses, thus, expanding the institution’s reach and revenue.

  1. Emergency Evacuation:

A person monitoring the cameras can announce an emergency alert through the Two-way Audio feature in case of fire emergency or terror attacks, helping the students vacate the place. Thus, this feature proves beneficial in safety and security of students.

To conclude, Matrix Two-way Audio feature ensures the improvement and discipline of students in and outside the classroom, at the same time protecting campuses against terror.

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