The Most Expensive Android Music Player with Dedicated Hardware support for Enhanced Experience

Gone are the days when people adored music players that were specially designed to deliver quality music experience. The modern epoch has significantly transformed the way people used to enjoy their favorite tracks on cassette recorders, radios, and walkmans. One can now easily access millions of songs with a single tap on their Smartphone that has eventually changed the way of accessing music.

Besides these enhancements, there are still some companies that have reinvented the conventional music players. Here we’ll discuss regarding the latest music player that is powered by the stunning hardware and software that works harmoniously to deliver the best.

Android-Music-PlayerFiiO X7 Portable Music Player

The FiiO X7 portable music player is perhaps one of the finest music players that deliver outstanding performance at a price tag of $999. Though there are some expensive players available in the market, the FiiO X7 is one of the superior players that are crafted marvelously by the precise combination of hardware and software.

The premium feels and looks of the device superiorly mesmerize everyone without compromising on the sound output.  Here’s the detailed information regarding the device’s specification:


The FiiO X7 is beautifully designed with dedicated music keys that provide the feeling of conventional music players. The display of the device gives it a royal feel. It has a stunning HD touch screen display, which adds a subtle touch of elegance to the overall design. Furthermore, the player is sleek and lighter in weight that gives it a perfect grip in the hands.

The Hardware

The device is packed with a powerful DAC chip ESS9028 PRO that is designed with professional circuit architecture. This is the first time any device is launched with a powerful chip that completely emphasizes on delivering the superior sound experience. Apart from this, the device features three crystal oscillators that ensure better performance.

The ES9028 PRO is the latest chip in the market that significantly provides unmatched digital to analog conversion for better output. This dedicated music chip is the best part about this player, which separates it from the other devices available in the market.

ES9028-PROFurthermore, it has 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of ROM, which is an adequate amount of memory for a music player. One can easily enhance the memory of the device by utilizing the dual memory slots of the device and increase the memory up to 576GB.

The OS

The FiiO X7 runs on Android 5.1 operating system that offers user-friendly interface, and quick access to the files.  The device is packed with a pure music mode and FiiO engine that enables a superior audio experience that one can’t expect from an ordinary device.

Also, the company hasn’t cleared regarding the installation of free music downloader apps for android like in other similar products. Still, the player is efficiently powerful and is considered to be the game changer for music enthusiasts. The device has a customizable user interface, which makes it more user-friendly. There are some players that offer same Android operating system, but one cannot make any alterations in the interface as well as the pre-installed apps.

What’s in the Box?

The accessories with the music player include a dock that lets you connect the device to the computer to transfer your favorite music, and to charge the device. A leatherette case is also included to protect your music player from bumps and scratches. Also, you get a clear case and a tempered glass protector for the screen.


In the era of Smart phones, the FiiO X7 music player provides the finest music experience to the lovers of music from around the world. It is specially designed by considering all the aspects of powerful music output.

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