The future of Home Automation seems luminous!

Mr. Ripu Daman Sharma, Country Manager Sales, India Subcontinent, Lutron
Mr. Ripu Daman Sharma, Country Manager Sales, India Subcontinent, Lutron
There was a time when people would dream of a house where they’d press a button and door would open. A space where they could effortlessly control the lighting of their house while comfortably relaxing at their couch or while driving home from office. A home as convenient and comfortable as the one that existed within the realms of their dream, would at the most picturized in movies. For a common man these dreams were too far-fetched. But today, due to miracles of technology, these homes have been converted into reality. The home automation market in India is picking up. According to a recent report from Market Research Hub, India’s Home Automation Market is projected to cross the figure of INR 30,000 crore. Lutron inventions which are leading the market in high quality lighting controls, provides one with solutions that helps them monitor the lighting of their house according to their mood, comfort and requirement.
In the interview with Mr. Ripu Daman Sharma, Country Manager Sales, India Subcontinent, Lutron explores how Lutron is assisting in refurbishing ones lighting control needs.


  • Overview of home automation industry in India.

As technology is diffusing across the length and breadth of the country, people are becoming aware of its countless benefits. The evolving Indian economy and the continuous improvement in living standards are some of the driving factors that are navigating the growth of home automation landscape in the country.

Home automation is finding a place in the lives of many middle-class and upper middle-class families. With smart home solutions becoming reasonable and easily accessible, the demand for the same is rising at a wild pace. An increase in the smartphone and tablet usage has also given the segment the much needed push. Moreover, government’s Smart Cities Mission initiative on building smart cities – the core of which is formed by the Internet of Things has provided a boost to the establishment of Home automation systems. As per a report by Research and Markets, the home automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.63% in the coming 6 years. The future of the industry visualizes immense prospects of growth and development for technologically advanced and cost effective organization.

The coming years will see the segment at a much larger level, given the fact that technology will have developed by leaps and bounds by that time. Today, home buyers don’t just seek well-built and aesthetically-appealing homes, but also demand luxury, convenience, comfort and security systems to enjoy full-control of their houses, for which they are ready to spend overtly. With more and more people welcoming and embracing the marvels of technology, undeniably adoption and adaption rate of advanced lighting control will also rise. Hence, the future of the industry seems luminous!

  • How Lutron is shaping/ altering lighting control needs?

At Lutron, we are determined to provide a blend of home automation technology and innovative lighting solutions to our customers that make their lives more convenient, comfortable, productive and sustainable.  We provide them with energy-efficient technology that not only helps them save energy but also, those colossal electricity bills. Interestingly, every Lutron dimmer allows one to automatically save 4-9% in electricity—even at the highest lighting levels.

Lutron has been educating the public for decades that when it comes to control lights at home, one must not forget the biggest light source on earth — sunlight. That’s why we launched the first ultra-quiet motorized shading system in the world in 2002.  We also realized that it’s important to integrate the control of both electric light and daylight. We are able to do that with one button push to create the perfect visual environment at your home by bringing everything under the umbrella of Lutron with seamless integration.

Additionally, an external factor that is helping us change the way people view their lights is through the acceptance of technology. Also, improving economic conditions and rapid penetration of smartphones is helping smart technologies in getting accepted and becoming more prevalent and affordable. Hence, we are pulling all stops to tap this market in the country and serve them in the best possible way through our line of inimitable products.

  • The benefits Lutron solutions provide to its users and how Lutron fits into consumer’s vision of lighting needs? What are the Extra Valuation Points of Lutron?

India is observing a revolution in the areas of lighting technology. These technologies are tremendously affecting the lives of people, hence they are now wholeheartedly welcoming this entirely ‘New Way of Living’. As far as we are concerned, at Lutron we aim to provide a seamless blend of home automation technology and innovative lighting solutions to our customers, enabling smart living that make people’s lives more convenient, comfortable, productive and sustainable. Our range of cutting-edge lighting products is being embraced by people across the country, thanks to the easy accessibility and affordability they provide. We have range of wireless products which are perfect for retrofitting existing homes, such as automated shades, keypads and sensors.  Innovation is deeply ingrained in our system; hence we strive to come up with unique products that can meet the growing lighting-automation requirements of the residential and commercial segment. We have a wide array of products like HomeWorks QS total home control system for luxury villas, GRAFIK Eye QS preset light and shade control system for apartments, as well as a comprehensive collection of motorized shades to control daylight at home, including roller shades, roman shades, draperies, tensioned shades, venetian blinds and honeycomb shades etc.

Lutron technology enables one to stay connected with their home appliances and devices on their smart phones &special Lutron key pads.

With Lutron lighting solutions, one can:
  • Have total home control – When one is out of town or out for an evening in a hassle-free & intelligent means with the Lutron mobile/tablet app
  • Energy saving with unparalleled comprehensive home control solutions– To cater to the shortage of electricity in a country like India
  • Reduce the cost associated with electricity bills– Lutron provisions households with energy saving dimmers which control the amount of lighting – more than a simple on or off, adjusting light to suit different needs be it for reading that requires brightness to be at its maximum, watching TV with minimal light etc. Rather than having six switches lined up on a wall, one can eliminate the clutter with the Dynamic Keypad- use it to adjust lights, blinds, HVAC etc. Lutron also allows one to save energy without sacrificing style or convenience.

Lutron remains today the only company in the world which designs and manufactures products to control both electric light and natural light. We have always been the pioneer in lighting controls since our founder invented the first electronic rotary dimmer in 1960. Our strengths can be summarized as innovation, quality, varieties and services. We offer 24/7 technical support and have global network to manage any projects in any scale from start to finish.



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