Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Provides Complete Component Sourcing Options

Parts sourcing is usually the longest but easiest process to control in the manufacturing cycle, and having the right options available to you in the event of an upcoming deadline or a tight budget is critical. Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB Assembly service has the provisions to help you chase lost time or reduce costs by offering three means of part sourcing to suit your needs.

Seeed can help you source from reputable suppliers

1Seeed Fusion can handle all the parts sourcing on your behalf. Simply upload the formatted BOM onto the website, and the online platform will match the parts with our supplier databases. Pricing information and part descriptions will be extracted directly to give you an online quote instantly.

Seeed Fusion will source the parts from trusted partners such as DigiKey, Mouser, TME and Element14 to guarantee genuine parts and high success rates. We will also order a few extra parts than required just in case some are not up to scratch.

Outsourcing is ideal if lead-time is not a priority and offers the widest selection. Seeed’s interconnectivity allows you to choose from many of the most trusted distributors and if you still can’t find what you are looking for, just send us the purchase link, and our purchasing team will see if they can source it via their channels. The components are ordered once the PCBA order is confirmed, and once they have arrived, assembly can be completed in as little as 8 hours.

Seeed OPL: Cut costs and cut lead times

The main disadvantage with outsourced parts is that they need to be imported and may take weeks to arrive. To tackle this, Seeed maintains its own inventory of over 600 hand-picked parts in the Seeed Fusion Open Parts Library or OPL. By using this, you can slash the duration for parts procurement to virtually minutes and have your PCBA completed in just one week.

These parts are always in-stock and sourced from long-term suppliers. Each incoming batch is scrutinized by the same quality control department that takes care of Seeed’s production materials, so there is no compromising on quality.

Furthermore, since these parts are purchased in bulk, we can pass the cost savings onto you or even provide them for free. The Seeed OPL is the answer to both approaching deadlines and tight budgets. Check out the library and get started with the downloadable KiCad and Eagle component packages.

2Send us the parts, and we’ll do the rest

Already have all the parts at hand but just need the assembly? Ask us for a quote beforehand and send us the parts. We will have the PCBs manufactured, and populate them using our lead-free facilities.

What is Seeed Fusion?

Seeed Studio’s Fusion service offers all-in-one PCB assembly services, complete from PCB manufacture, parts procurement, assembly and more under one roof. They also offer various means of parts procurement for you to take advantage of.

What’s more! This March only, Seeed is holding monthlong sales on PCB and PCBA services. Get $50 off PCBA orders over $100, 10% upfront discount off PCB and over 400 parts in the OPL are now completely free! All PCBA orders also come with Free Express shipping to anywhere in the world as standard. Get your quote now!

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