Proven portable mode 2 cordset for electric vehicle charging from Delphi now in stock at TTI, Inc.

April 2017 – The new convenient and portable mode 2 electric vehicle charging cordset from Delphi can now be sourced in Europe through TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. It enables owners of electric vehicles to safely charge their vehicles anywhere from an available 240VAC grid supply.

The technology used in the high-quality cordset offers a seamless transition between automotive and residential/commercial environments. The user-friendly system plugs into existing electrical infrastructure and is dedicated for global applications based on local supply voltage and grid plug interface. Advanced ergonomics and user interface includes a simplified LED display providing charging status information (power, charging, power fault, charging fault). The robust sealed cord connector design (NEMA 4 construction) protects against harsh conditions with high water and dust protection including flexibility to provide a reliable charge to an electric vehicle despite the various voltage and earthing systems present in different parts of the world.

The cordset meets IEC 62196 Type II specifications and features a cable length of 5 metres. The unit will self-check and resume charging after a circuit trip. The female plug of the charge coupler connector mates directly to a built-in male inlet on the vehicle. All terminal interfaces and crimps are sealed from the environment when mated.

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