Oncam Secures 60-acre Siidcul Business Park and Improves Operational Efficiency

Reducing deployment costs, improving operational efficiency and eliminate the human error element was high on the list of requirements for this forward-thinking business park.

Siidcul Business Park is home tomany thriving businesses and covers over 60 acres, with ultramodern designs that complement the state-of-the-art business support system and commerce hub.Leading business names have chosen Siidcul Business Park as their preferred place of work, which has had the benefit of drawing considerable talent and jobs to the area. Over a brief period of time, the business park has distinctly etched Dehradun’s name as a crucial element in the broader supply chain lines.Business centres often need to attract new companies by offering a modern, comprehensive infrastructure to facilitate business operations. The introduction of prominent market players into the picture is further followed by SLAs (Service-level Agreements) demanding the highest levels of safety and security for both the property as well as business assets. At times this can be challenging, as finding the latest and most effective security solution for this unique environment can be hard for even the most experienced security management team. Even after employing dedicated security agencies and numerous personnel, it is not uncommon for the conventional security of companyto be breached by unauthorized people, even if we assume every nook and corner to be constantly monitored by them through day and night.Today, the growing adoption of tech-based surveillance systems has made security and monitoring operations more flexible, convenient, and effective. However, there are some systems that despite moving from manned guarding to electronic surveillance, still have a high dependency on human resources. A critical event such as vandalism, or a fire hazard, can go completely unnoticed as a result of human errors and omissions before they escalate to a point of irreversible loss.Surveillance cameras that cover 360 degrees are at the forefront of video technology are available to security directors and surveillance departments to promote situational awareness throughout an expansive, complex grid. The 360-degree fisheye cameras on the market today are replacing numerous narrow field-of-view cameras and even traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras in order to get a better, more complete coverage for optimal surveillance coverage.These cameras can “dewarp” the 360-degree video feed in real-time and for forensic investigations.Operators can electronically pan, tilt and zoom within a live view; at the same time, the entire image is recorded so that nothing is missed. Since fewer cameras are needed to cover a single area at any given time, business parks wishing to remain cost-effective and discreet will find that 360-degree cameraswhich can be mounted both indoors and outdoors for maximum visibility – offer an effective security solution for replacing aging, analog infrastructures.An additional challenge in securing the business park was that it also had community markets and residential buildings. Recognizing all of these challenges, the business park task force decided to replace its entire manual security operations with a modern surveillance solution. To this end, the business hub invited leading surveillance companies to demonstrate their proof of concepts with a clear objective of targeting perfect perimeter security. Surveillance integrator Mondex Security Services suggested Oncam, with its unique 360-degree technology, to provide tailor-made solutions for Siidcul. Subsequently, Oncam was chosen over all other participants, underlining the overall efficiency, speed and security provided by the company.Realizing the unique requirement of the business park, Oncam developed a maximum security solution while simultaneously minimizing the overall device requirement for the facility. The company leveraged its high resolution and video analytics- enabled 360-degree cameras to drive the surveillance and security initiative at Siidcul Business Park. These devices were able to capture the 360-degree field of view without leaving any blind spot and were able to automatically identify dynamic use cases including intrusion, theft, aggressive behavior, and fire hazard through video analytics. The system was designed to automatically generate alerts and notify the relevant departments as real-time incidents took place. Apart from a security application, these 360-degree devices also helped measure cleanliness of common areas at Siidcul Business Park, enabling housekeeping and maintenance teams to provide quality control and manage operations more efficiently.After a thorough site evaluation, Oncam was able to effectively cover the 60-acre business park, using just 15 outdoor 360-degree cameras with a 5MP resolution. The unique solution helped the commercial hub to conduct more efficient tracking, monitoring and forensic analysis of an incident with the main advantages being its zero blind spot feature and greater resolution, compared to more traditional CCTV.Siidcul Spokesperson Brij Pokhriyal said, “Oncam’s surveillance offerings have outperformed our initial expectations. Despite the fact that we have been using their devices for over a year now, and in some of the harshest outdoor conditions, the original image quality has remained superlative and to date, we haven’t experienced a single device failure.”By deploying the Oncam surveillance solution the Business Park managed to significantly reduce the overall deployment costs, has lower operational expenditure, negligible maintenance costs, and eliminates incidents related to human error.


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